How well do you remember the Halloween episode of M*A*S*H?

Who got the pool ball stuck in his mouth?


"Trick or Treatment" is one of the best Halloween pun titles in TV. The M*A*S*H spin on the holiday aired in the show's final season. It featured some soon-to-be-famous celebrities and clever costumes. 

Because this is M*A*S*H, "Trick or Treatment" balances both pranks and tearful moments. See if you can remember the finer plot points.

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  1. The guys in the Swamp have made a jack-o'-lantern out of what?
  2. Which character dresses up as a gangster for Halloween?
  3. Which Eighties sitcom star plays the soldier with a pool ball in his mouth?
  4. What is the number on the pool ball? Winchester jokes that it must represent the soldier's age.
  5. B.J. makes his clown shoes out of what?
  6. Potter tells a ghost story about his wife's brother, who died in 1939. What was his name?
  7. Which controversial stand-up comic plays this character?
  8. Hawkeye tells a ghost story in the OR about a ship. What is the name of the boat?
  9. This MP wants to lock up an injured soldier because he ran a jeep into what?
  10. This wounded soldier tells Hawkeye of his experience in the Battle of ________ Ridge, which was a real battle in the Korean War.
  11. This "dead" soldier comes back to life. How does Father Mulcahy know he is still alive?
  12. What is causing the tent to flap by Winchester's bed?

How well do you remember the Halloween episode of M*A*S*H?

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rubyslippers1234 8 months ago
8/12. Never saw the episode. All guesses.
lmahabhashyam 8 months ago
12/12 It’s going to take a lot harder quiz then that to stump me on M*A*S*H.
Sweendog 8 months ago
9/12 - it’s been a long time since I’ve watched this episode. I agree with dmarkwind > lots going on in this episode >
IndianaRockz 8 months ago
7/12 Do not remember ever seeing this episode.
Snickers 8 months ago
7/12 Guess I don't know the episode very well
Rob 8 months ago
10/10. I always liked this episode.
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