Can you guess who these vintage Halloween costumes are supposed to be?

Wait… is that a dog or an alien?


Image: Collegeville / The Blood-Curdling Blog of Monster Masks

At some point in our trick-or-treating careers, most of us have worn one. You know the costumes. You could find them in grocery or drug stores. They were made of plastic and vinyl. The thin mask, held tight against your face with a stapled rubber band, would cut into your skin. The vinyl smock, instead of resembling clothing, would just have some kind of logo on it explaining who you were supposed to be.

These inexpensive costumes were quick ways to transform into a vampire — or a licensed pop-culture character.

They were largely made by companies such as Ben Cooper and Collegeville. These here all come from old Collegeville catalogs. See if you can match the masks to the correct characters!

  1. Match these two to the correct show!
  2. Match these characters to the correct show.
  3. What kind of creature is this TV character?
  4. What kind of animal is this TV character?
  5. What kind of a creature is this?
  6. This fellow is from which show?
  7. Which show is this character from?
  8. Which cartoon world does this character belong to?
  9. Match this character to a newspaper comic strip!
  10. This costume promotes which cult horror movie?
  11. Who is this blue dude?
  12. What is this bird promoting?
  13. Who is this girl?
  14. Finally, what is the name of Casper the Ghost's horse?

Can you guess who these vintage Halloween costumes are supposed to be?

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JeffPaul76 9 months ago
"You got 7 out of 14" ----"Do you deserve a treat-----or were you tricked?"
Cougar90 9 months ago
Does anyone else remember Nightmare?
ThomasPotter Cougar90 6 months ago
I do, but that's only because I really enjoyed Casper comic books as a kid.
WGH 9 months ago
I've never seen a Barbie come out of the box with hair that short. Now after my sister took after it with scissors, yes.

We never wore those costumes. We made our own.

The current costumes you can buy at Walmart or Target are pretty cool.
WGH 9 months ago

That looks nothing like Lassie. Lol.
WGH WGH 9 months ago
I missed the Barbie one also.

But they did have Brady Bunch and Partridge Family costumes.
ThomasPotter WGH 6 months ago
I thought it was a fox because of the ears.
DerekBird 33 months ago
You got 12 out of 14
Do you deserve a treat — or were you tricked?
CrowTServo 44 months ago
malibustacy 44 months ago
I had that Witchiepoo costume! I also had an Underdog costume with a lightbulb nose.
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 44 months ago
#2 is wrong. That is "Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm" as teenagers in a 70's spinoff, they never appeared on "The Flintstones" looking like that!
Good Point.
Come to think of it, wasn't there an episode where Fred had a Rip Van Winkle dream and Pebbles was married and leaving so he missed her growing up?
DerekBird frances3agape 33 months ago
Yes there was. He arrives at the church where Pebbles and Bamm Bamm are getting married.
frances3agape DerekBird 33 months ago
Thanks for confirming, DB
I remember crying when I saw it.
Just googled - season 8 "Rip Van Flintstone" (of course, what ELSE could the title have been!)
WGH DerekBird 9 months ago
He had a long white beard and a cane.
John 45 months ago
Holy Hannah, those costumes are ugly!
scp 45 months ago
Thirteen out of fourteen. Number 13 had no context so I guessed, but in retrospect the makeup should have been a clue.
Daizy531 45 months ago
10/14 the last time I checked Lassie stood on 4 legs not 2 I missed that one.. those costumes are very creepy.. so glad Halloween is over.. haha
RobertK 45 months ago
10 of 14. I missed Lassie, Barbie, Taz and the Chicken! I sure thought I nailed the Chicken, #12 question. I thought he was Corny the chicken "promoting" Kelloggs' Corn Flakes. Still a fun quiz!!
Foghorn Leghorn did promote KFC for a short time in 80's commercials. I had no idea he "promoted" Looney Tunes in general, it must have been before my time.
I don't recall EITHER
Br0ther1KB 45 months ago
12/14 Lassie! What's that Timmy's costume is in the well? MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA! It was Barbie all along?
EmBee 45 months ago
That was supposed to be Lassie?
bnichols23 45 months ago
Well, I missed 4 & 13; I'm just not a dawg or Barbie person. :)
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