Are these creepy titles from cult classic horror films or spooky TV episodes?

Can you place names like ‘Ghost in Space,’ ‘Twilight Town’ and ‘Pillow of Death’?

Horror movies have been around since the beginning of motion pictures. Often derided as subpar compared to more highbrow fair, the horror genre nevertheless continues to be massively popular. Even poorly made or just plain strange scary movies can gain cult status, becoming celebrated for their weirdness instead of criticized for it.

Below are real horror movie titles from the 1930s and '40s mixed with creepy classic television episodes. Try to determine which is witch!  (See what we did there?)

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  1. The Ghost of A. Chantz
  2. The Mummy’s Hand
  3. Death Hits the Jackpot
  4. Horror Island
  5. Twilight Town
  6. A Haunted House is not a Home
  7. Calling Dr. Death
  8. Catspaw
  9. Weird Woman
  10. Pillow of Death
  11. Ghost a Go-Go
  12. Dracula’s Daughter
  13. Ghost in Space

Are these creepy titles from cult classic horror films or spooky TV episodes?

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PulsarStargrave 1 month ago
9/13 Some of the titles were so outlandish I assumed they were T.V. episodes...OOPS!
CrowTServo 20 months ago
9/13. Could have been better.
EllisClevenger 21 months ago
You got 11 out of 13
Did you get spooked by this quiz?Missed #8 and #9
John 21 months ago
13/13. Don't know if that's something to cheer about, or an omen of double-bad luck on the way.
21 months ago
Missed catspaw 😒
dictracy cabugi 21 months ago
Missed that one too, because cat’s paw is a 1934 movie with Harold Lloyd but it’s more of a mystery ..title is different but it threw me
Peter_Falk_Fan dictracy 17 months ago
Same here. That's probably why I missed it. Anyway, 12/13
I only got it because I think it was CHEKOV's debut...wearing a BEATLES-like wig!
Doola005 21 months ago
8 out of 13. And I'm supposed to be the big horror buff. Shame on me !
jschliclbernd9 21 months ago
Did you get spooked by this quiz. 10/13.
Stoney 21 months ago
12 for 13. "Ghost a Go Go" was a no-go for me lol
Croft1 21 months ago
12 out of 13. Missed catspaw. I said it was a movie title. Which technically it was. Harold Lloyd movie the cats paw. One of his later talkies.
leebillyold 21 months ago

This is Buster Brown! He lives in a shoe. That's his dog Tyke! He lives there too!
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