Poll: Were we better off with old-fashioned stuff?

We want to know how you feel!


You hear it all over. "The good old days" this. "The good old days" that. Well, let's talk about those good old days.

It's time for a trip down memory lane. But, leave your rose-tinted glasses at home. We're going to take a critical look at some old-fashioned stuff to determine whether it's better now or then!

Some stuff? It was definitely better then. You can't argue with craftsmanship! But other times, stuff is better now. We have so much convenience these days. That's got to be worth something, right?

Take this poll, and let us know. Do you think we were better off with these "back in the day" items?

  1. You're at the movies. Do you want digital, or the familiar hum of the projector?
  2. What time is it? Would you prefer to reach for your phone, or a time piece like this?
  3. If you were to play a video game, would you prefer a modern console or an arcade cabinet?
  4. Tell us about a perfect snapshot. Would you prefer a vintage camera, or are you reaching for your phone?
  5. Where do songs sound best? On a record player, or streaming?
  6. We all love a huge TV, but there's something undeniable about the warm glow from an old one. What do you think?
  7. Cassette tapes?
  8. If you were to type your memoir, would you use a typewriter or a computer?
  9. Corded or cordless?
  10. If you're travelling, would you stay somewhere with moder amenities, or vintage charm?

Poll: Were we better off with old-fashioned stuff?

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Shadygirl72 1 month ago
60%. I tell people I’m not glad I’m old but I’m glad I grew up when I did—life was just a tire swing.
cripplious 7 months ago
60% and the last question should be modern not moder
idkwut2use 10 months ago
30-40% depending on how I answered. While there’s (grudgingly) no denying the convenience and benefits that some technological advancements made possible, allowing for more efficient, practical usage (especially as far as playing music and typing are concerned)…there’ll always be something more charming and lovely about the perfectly good older versions.
And for every “advancement,” there are all the infuriating drawbacks and ways that it stinks as well. Don’t “fix” or ruin what isn’t broken. Don’t overcomplicate. Don’t keep illogically wrecking stuff so that the prior way was far preferable. (“Every day we stray further from God,” in so many little ways that add up into huge ones…)
I dunno man. I feel like an old soul who perhaps shouldn’t have been born so late (‘87) this time around. People have always said that about me too. Obviously nothing about the world has ever been perfect, but the past feels like a veritable utopia relative to the complete and utter garbage nearly everything has become. Two things have truly improved over my lifetime rather than overall nosediving, crashing, burning, and smoldering: GPS & automatic soap dispensers. B-| Where’s my jetpack, my hovercar? You can stuff this pathetic “future!” My constant mood is “nostalgic”; gimme a time machine, take me back and leave me there! Finished putting all my old film photos in order, and looking around at everyone and everything else in them confirms the accuracy of my memory—it isn’t just that I was a happy kid. It all actually was indeed so much better then.
WayneKeith 10 months ago
I like real cameras better than phones, but the cost and hassle of having film developed made taking hundreds of pictures prohibitive. Nowadays though, just click away to your heart's content, and delete any that come out less than pristine.
AlbertHanson 11 months ago
I worked for the phone company for 31 years. Our method of communication has changed to the point I can't believe how quickly the changes took place. Gone are the days of needing an operator to place your call. Gone are the days when payphones were on almost every street corner. Gone are the days of figuring out what time of day the call was the cheapest. We now have small phones we carry everywhere and can place and receive calls virtally anywhere worldwide with the one number we have on our cell phones.
kkvegas AlbertHanson 11 months ago
I just read a book about the recent investigation into who betrayed Anne Frank's family. The investigators used college kids to do some laborious cross referencing of data, including looking up various witness names in old phone books. After explaining what needed to be done, the investigator asked if there were any questions, and a kid asked, "What's a phone book?"
MaryMitch 11 months ago
We were selling my aunt's possessions in an estate sale. I spent about 15 minutes showing a young man how a typewriter worked. He was fascinated, and bought it for $75. I doubt he was going to use it for anything practical; he probably thought it was just a cool item to own.
Moverfan MaryMitch 10 months ago
They make wonderful paperweights...especially the old manual ones. Just don't drop them on your foot...
KJsunshine 11 months ago
I remember back in the day in math class, let's say, I remember doing a math problem, and asking the teacher if we can use a calculator, and the teacher would always say, you aren't going to be carrying a calculator around with you all the time, in the future are you? And now that the future is here, the answer would be yes, it's called a smartphone.
pony KJsunshine 11 months ago
Wish someone would hurry up and invent that time machine so we can all go back and tell that teacher off! Haha!
AlbertHanson KJsunshine 11 months ago
I remember going in to High School and having the math teacher telling us we woul no longer have to be proficient in using a slide rule. He had us do some simple calculations and said that there weren't any math classes requiring the use of a slide rule. By the time we got to college there would be hand held calculators available which would do the calculations for us.
Moverfan pony 11 months ago
"Hey, Mrs. Logan...remember when you asked...?"
jwolf15151 11 months ago
I like a little of both but older is better!
Charlotte 11 months ago
90% similar. There's nothing wrong with newer technology, I like the internet and the big TV's. People with cell phones and those earbuds who can't stay off them & you have to listen to their conversations, good grief Charlie Brown...let it go!!! Get a life, read a book, learn to be alone & enjoy it.
Ok, I'm off my soap box.
LalaLucy 11 months ago
40%. In most things, the older appeals to me most, but, really, my longing is less about things and more about the slower pace. I am 45. My generation has seen many advances in tech. It does have a certain convenience but also its distinct disadvantages. Namely, dependence upon it leaves folks lazier about the important things and yet busier on a bunch of nothing. Not to mention the entertainment was better without constantly making you cringe at blatant dirtiness. That alone is huge to me.
theoIV 11 months ago
Huh!! I chose Elle, how'd I get here?😈
oneofthesedays1 11 months ago
I think many of the questions could be better. No doubt tech has helped and hurt. I would love to do without the confusing info on the internet like in the 60's. Biut, would you really want your doctors treating with only 60's medicine and techniques?

I do like Cell phones with unlimited long distance and mobility. Would be so lonley like so many elder people were in the "Good old days"
Sally 11 months ago
60% similar. One thing I really would love to ditch is cell phones! I still have a landline phone but no one calls that number. People insist on texting me on my cell. Ugh. That's why I leave it on silent mode a lot
THOMASTERRYJR Sally 11 months ago
I have a landline phone. When someone text me on my cell phone or I have an important phone call, I reach for the landline. No chance of a dropout or unable to hear me comment from the person whom I am calling. By the way, I can call all over the United States for free because my landline is part of a bundle which is part of the internet. No charge for long distance phone calls.
Sally THOMASTERRYJR 11 months ago
My landline is part of my internet bundle too. So yes, it is a lot cheaper than the old days when having a phone was super cheap, but paying for long distance was expensive!
AtlantaKevin 11 months ago
The old days had the better ways only on a few things. Overall I wish we'd had some of the tech in 1964 that we have now. I wish I could sit here and look at videos of my grandparents on the holidays or my grammar school teachers and classmates. My kids and grandkids will be able to do that. I wish we'd had cellphones and free long distance in the 60s and 70s. I could have spent so many more hours talking to my uncles and aunties in Texas, New York and California. I wish we had digital cameras where I could have taken hundreds of pictures of friends and family without the expense of film and developing. I'm just saying people should really think before the "good ole days". We are in the good ole days!
PierreKhoury AtlantaKevin 11 months ago
We are not in the good ole days now!! No way!!
JeffPaul76 11 months ago
"Poll: Were we better off with old-fashioned stuff?" "Here's how much your opinion is shared: 40% similar" ---Here's how much your opinion is shared: 40% similar to the most popular responses." The first time I took it, it was 60% similar. But I had to log-in to post my response, so I had to take it over again.
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