Rock Trivia: The Aerosmith quiz

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An argument could be made that Aerosmith is the greatest American rock band of all time. Now, that's not necessarily an opinion we'd attach ourselves to, but it isn't that outlandish a claim. Sure, you also have to consider bands like The Grateful Dead, The Beach Boys, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Eagles, Guns N Roses, The Doors, Velvet Underground, CCR, Van Halen, etc. But when the chips are down, smart money shouldn't bet against Aerosmith. They've been through everything.

Were you ever a card-carrying member of Aero Force One (the band's official fan club)? Or were you just a casual fan, occasionally picking up a new song on the radio? Either way, this is the quiz for you! It's either a chance to prove how much you love Aerosmith, or it's a look through their history in a way that we hope excites you enough to give 'em a listen!

Have fun, and leave your score and thoughts in the comments section below. 

  1. Do you happen to know what city Aerosmith's from?
  2. The band's primary songwriters, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, are sometimes referred to as...
  3. Can you name the Aerosmith rollercoaster in Walt Disney World?
  4. The lead singer's daughter played which character in Lord of the Rings?
  5. Who is Aerosmith's drummer?
  6. Which rap group covered "Walk This Way" in collaboration with Aerosmith?
  7. Which Aerosmith song served as the theme to the 1998 disaster movie Armageddon?
  8. According to the Aerosmith song, who's got a gun?
  9. Finish these lyrics: "Every time that I look in the mirror. All these lines on my face getting clearer..."
  10. Which of these is NOT the title of an Aerosmith album?

Rock Trivia: The Aerosmith quiz

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