POLL: Which fictional TV high school was most like your real alma mater?

Which television show captured your true school spirit?

High school. For some, it was a highlight. To some others, it is thankfully in the rearview mirror. But we all have our memories of grades 9–12.

Television has captured every element of the high school experience. Whether you went to school in the big city or suburbs, whatever clique you were in, whatever the name was, whether it was public or private, whatever the team colors were — there's a good chance a certain television show brings to mind your own time in high school. It could be the setting, the teachers, the time period, the overall experience….

Whatever the reason, pick the one fictional TV high school that reminds you the most of your own life. We gathered our favorites from the 1950s through 2000s.

Then, see how popular your pick is. This is high school, after all.
  1. Pick the fictional high school that best captures your own experience in high school!

POLL: Which fictional TV high school was most like your real alma mater?

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Snickers 19 months ago
30% similar. I picked James Buchanan High because we had our own set of sweat hogs.
JohnAustin779 24 months ago
I got 0% similarity to everybody else🤣🤣😄😄😄😆😂😂😂!!!! Apparently, everyone who voted went to schools that were like from the Brady Bunch or Happy Days. Me, I grew up and went to high school in the '90s so the school that I attended was more like the high school in Boy Meets World. I also grew up in Suburbia U.S.A. (The perfect suburban town. It's not really called that.)so that's another reason why I chose John Adams High School from Boy Meets World too. But, since I scored 0% similarity, no one seems to remember the show Boy Meets World 😂😂😂😆😄🤣🤣😄😆😆😂!!!!!! You're crazy, MeTV. I love you but you're crazy😂😂😆😆😆😄🤣🤣😄😆!!!!!!
DeniseMarie 24 months ago
Welcome Back, Kotter was definitely like all my "basic" class courses...all the kids who just wanted (or were only able) to do the bare minimum to get by. Ah, the good old days...and you could still get a good job right outta high school!
Catman 24 months ago
None of these shows -- as far as I know -- featured a religious order who physically and mentally abused the students. My HS was not someting you'd see on TV unless it was exposed on "60 Minutes".
VaughnBaskin 24 months ago
What?! No Angel Grove High School from Mighty Morphin Pwoer Rangers?!
CandySlice 33 months ago
Weemawee High School. Square Pegs. 3% similar.
DarioWiter 33 months ago
20% similar. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
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