Let's play matchmaker for Andy Taylor

We're rewriting Mayberry history.

When you devote a lot of time to one of your favorite television shows, the characters can start to feel like people we know ourselves! It's like Andy Taylor has become your friend and you only want what's best for him. 

While we all know who Andy ends up with, that doesn't always mean that that's who you think he should have ended up with. We just included his some of his main squeezes in our poll below, but if you have an underdog that you think should've won the sheriff's heart, sound off in the comments! 

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  1. Who do you think should have been Andy's soulmate?

Let's play matchmaker for Andy Taylor

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Raccobaby12 9 months ago
Helen Crump and I don't even watch Andy Griffith
STTOS 10 months ago
Definitely Mary Simpson, but played by Julie Adams (not Sue Anne Langdon). Second would be Peggy McMillan.
jholton30062 10 months ago
Ellie and Helen were both a little too prickly. Not sure who Alice Harper was. Of the remaining ones, I think Charlene would have been most interesting. Another that would have been interesting would be Daphne (the "Fun Girl"). And you know who else would have been an interesting mate? Thelma Lou!
TownOfMayberry 19 months ago
Mavis Neff. She just loved his laugh wrinkles.
SHANANA 57 months ago
Helen was just stuck up and annoying
Jacqueline05478 58 months ago
I always thought there was something fake about Peggy. I mean, even as a young child she seemed fake to me so I was glad she didn't stay around.
SoCalTVFan 58 months ago
Karen, definitely Karen.

She was stunning, yes--especially her eyes--but she was a strong, independent woman whose skeet shooting skills would've made for many happy outings with Andy.

Opie and Aunt Bee took an immediate liking to her, and she would've made a great addition to the Taylor household.

I wish she'd made more than one appearance.
Claude 59 months ago
Helen Crump, of course!
Ellie Walker was MY soul mate. I still think she is the most beautiful woman on TV.
lucirush 59 months ago
I preferred Karen myself, but she was only on once. She was played by Gail Davis, who was my childhood heroine when she played Annie Oakley. For those who don't remember her, she was the spunky blonde, Thelma Lou's cousin from Arkansas, who beat Andy in skeet shooting (how appropriate!).
STTOS 59 months ago
20% similar - I chose Mary Simpson thinking she was the nurse played by the beautiful Julie Adams and not the nurse played by Sue Ane Langdon, as someone said below. Am I right or wrong? Not a big fan of Sue Ane Langdon (that voice...ugh!!) so if SHE is the Mary Simpson in question I would change my vote to Peggy McMillan played by lovely Joanna Moore. A very close second. Her singing with Andy on the porch is one of my favorite scenes. And not that you asked but for third place I will echo what someone wrote below, Gloria played by the also lovely Jan Shutan.
ELEANOR 59 months ago
Hey, if you haven't noticed, this has already been done and Helen Crump won! Ellie was a wash out from Day One and the rest weren't even in the running. Miss Crump was only supposed to appear in that one episode, but it rapidly became clear that they had that elusive elixir -- on-screen chemistry.
Stephen79 59 months ago
When did Ellie or Helen ever go fishing ? Peg did. Regardless of any extra curricular activities, Peg was a nurse. Aunt B wasn't getting any younger. Who better to take care of an invalid Aunt B in her final years ? Peg was a better singer as well …
BobbyGlasspie 59 months ago
I really liked Peggy I felt she was a better fit. Helen is okay but can be a little cold. Don't like Ellie at all too bossey and pushey always wants her way.
AlF 59 months ago
Helen Crump... Seriously? Wish the Blob had gotten her...

Peggy was the sweetest and nicest and would have made a wonderful mother for the Opester...
Corey 59 months ago
What about one of the fun girls with the deep voice?
cinamac Corey 59 months ago
Hello Doll!
59 months ago
Couldn't stand jealous, petty, cold Helen Crump. I couldnt separate the actress, Joanna Moore, from her character, Peggy McMillan. Julie Adams always looked worried, melodramatic. No bueno. Everyone loved Elinor Donahue, but I read that she was not willing to sign up for "extracurricular activities" with Andy. Thus, they parted ways. More's the pity.
bemibet 59 months ago
The always adorable Elinor Donahue as Ellie Walker. I would have chosen her Miriam Welby as Felix Unger's permanent love interest too.
Joseph 59 months ago
I chose Peggy, but that's me not Sheriff Taylor. This is a survey, not a quiz.
Jhh 59 months ago
come to think about it - I'd take the morrison sisters over HELLen Crump - at least they had a still (snicker snicker)
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