POLL: How did you really feel about gym class back in school?

Does dodgeball bring back fond memories… or flashbacks of panic?

Gym class! We all had to do it at some point. Probably. There are some things that all physical education classes had in common — a coach wearing a whistle and polyester shorts, smelly socks, red rubber balls, and whatnot. 

But everyone's experience in P.E. was unique. Some kids loved the games and sports that we played. Some kids dreaded getting picked last or, even worse, pegged by a dodgeball. 

No wonder, then, that gym-class scenes are a staple of TV shows that take place in high school. 

We want to know how you feel about your gym class experience in school. Answer the following questions and see how your experience compares to others!
  1. First off, let's figure this out. What did you call this physical education class in school?
  2. How did you feel about playing dodgeball?
  3. How did you feel about climbing the rope?
  4. Did you enjoy playing kickball?
  5. Do you have fond memories of playing four square?
  6. How about the parachute game? Did you love running under that big parachute — or trying to bring it down on a friend?
  7. How did you feel about having to run a mile?
  8. Did you look forward to Field Day?
  9. Did you have to wear special uniforms in gym class?
  10. Did you enjoy a good game of tetherball?
  11. How did you feel about having to do chin-ups or the arm hang?
  12. Remember playing capture the flag?
  13. When were you picked for teams?

POLL: How did you really feel about gym class back in school?

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Snickers 36 months ago
Hated gym class with a passion.
Kiyone57 49 months ago
59% similar.
I never did dodgeball in gym class, but it was common during recess. I hated it because it was a game where the thrower could target people they didn't like. I was a frequent target. I preferred the team games, especially volleyball, since I did well on those. We had to do gymnastics on actual equipment and I hated that with a passion (I hurt myself on a balance beam dismount.)
idkwut2use 49 months ago
46%. Called it gym. No uniforms, but in middle/high school you changed into your own gym clothes. Sometimes loved it, sometimes hated it. I hated most of the team sports that people tend to watch on TV. Didn't know the rules, didn't care to know the rules, didn't feel like doing it with most of the people in the class, refused to participate. LOVED and was great at gymnastics/obstacle course stuff, track, Field Day, archery, dodgeball, random things like the scooters and parachutes and Chicken Fat song, etc. Tetherball and four-square were games we played on the blacktop part of the playground in elementary school...plus games like Red Rover and stuff...and some kickball. I enjoyed a lot of sports more outside of class. Enjoyed a lot of things in general more when I wasn't being told to do them, lol. Man, I'm as stubborn as my dog. I didn't mind doing the warmups in squads, or being squad leader, or sitting there rubbing the rubber marks off the floor.
Runeshaper 58 months ago
49% similar
49% similar to the most popular responses

Mostly good memories, but there were some not so fond ones too LOL
Lacey 66 months ago
There are several of these combined answers were more accurate.
MichaelSkaggs 66 months ago
I stopped taking it when I realized I was exercising more during the weekend than I was in class during the week.
Amalthea MichaelSkaggs 49 months ago
You're not kidding. Both of my daughters need credits for gym in their high school, but neither of them like sports (one prefers writing; the other prefers the arts). Their high school has a class "Walking for Fitness", which is what they both took. Yes, they got graded for walking!
leebillyold 66 months ago
The teacher needed to guide some students to do your best, try & improve.
ETristanBooth 66 months ago
I only remember two things from gym: That little wooden square thing with wheels that we rode across the floor, and a huge canvas ball (but I don't remember what we did with it). Too long ago.
UTZAAKE 66 months ago
73% similar.
PE in junior high was fun, but not in high school. Both the outdoor running track and its "grass" infield were as hard as reinforced concrete, with the latter also being extremely uneven. The PE teachers were less than inspiring. Growing up in a culture that valued education at the expense of athletics haunted me with a vengeance back in high school.
Amalthea UTZAAKE 59 months ago
I was the other way around. I hated gym in junior high - stupid one-piece uniforms, the same stupid games played in elementary school, etc. - but high school gym was great. First of all, more selection. I loved taking tennis! Second, I only had to take enough to get the needed credits, then I was DONE!!!
Barry22 66 months ago
71%, always liked Phys. Ed, took it up to 10th grade. Lest we forget, the Presidential fitness test.
ELEANOR 66 months ago
I have fond memories of PE. During softball in elementary school, I ALWAYS made sure that I was in the right outfield, where the ball NEVER came. Very enjoyable. In intermediate school and high school, I REALLY ENJOYED being in a girl's only class. It was very special to do a variety of games and activities only with girls. We did gymnastics, fencing, half court basketball, golf, and tennis.
MrsPhilHarris 66 months ago
Didn't mind it in primary school but hated it in Jr. And Sr. High. 77%
Bret 66 months ago
28% similar
Never really enjoyed gym
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