Pick: Would you eat these quirky Christmas dishes from the 1960s?

Can we interest you in some creamed onions, cheesy mince and hot Dr. Pepper?

Christmas dishes sure were creative in the Sixties. Fancy molds and packets of gelatin made for some colorful, sculptural (and jiggling) foods. There were savory Jell-O salad and even edible candles. Yes, that's candles, not candies.

We tore out some vintage recipes from December issues of Ladies' Home Journal in the 1960s. We want to know if you'll say "Ho, ho, ho!" or "No, no, no!"

Pick which dishes you would try. See how your taste stacks up against others.
  1. Could you take a bite out of the adorable (and coconut covered) Big Mr. Igloo?
    Image: Ladies' Home Journal / Archive.org
  2. How about a slice of Cheddar Crust Mince Pie?
    Image: Ladies' Home Journal / Archive.org
  3. Wash it all down with some Hot Dr. Pepper?
    Image: Ladies' Home Journal / Archive.org
  4. "Wood" you try a segment of this Chestnut-Mocha Roll?
    Image: Ladies' Home Journal / Archive.org
  5. Would you have a little of this rich Tutti-Frutti Date Pudding?
    Image: Ladies' Home Journal / Archive.org
  6. Can we interest you in this Green Bean Pizzarino wreath?
    Image: Ladies' Home Journal / Archive.org
  7. Want some Cranberry Sauce Salad?
    Image: Ladies' Home Journal / Archive.org
  8. A prune-filled Finnish Christmas Cake? (We think you can translate the responses.)
    Image: Ladies' Home Journal / Archive.org
  9. Would you like a scoop of this side dish: Creamed Onions and Peas?
    Image: Ladies' Home Journal / Archive.org
  10. A dollop of Whipped Turnip Puff?
    Image: Ladies' Home Journal / Archive.org
  11. How about this Happiness Tree Cake, Charlie Brown?
    Image: ©Copyright Paul Hamlyn Ltd 1967 via Vintage Recipe Cards
  12. A decorative, edible Deviled Ham Sandwich Tree?
    Image: Buzzfeed
  13. Finally, can we interest you in this Cranberry Christmas "Candles" Salad? It's edible — and on fire!
    Image: Hellmann's via Vintascope

Pick: Would you eat these quirky Christmas dishes from the 1960s?

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idkwut2use 51 months ago
61%. A lot of them actually look pretty good, while others...bleugh. I'm not sure what turnips taste like, so that one I'd have to try to tell...
Runeshaper 53 months ago
61% similar
61% similar to the most popular responses

Ok. I'd probably try everything, but I know I wouldn't like them all LOL
Rickey 55 months ago
23% similar
23% similar to the most popular responses
CaptainDunsel 63 months ago
Show of hands! Who thinks the MeTV Team should be required to include a link to the RECIPES for all of their "Would you eat...?" quizzes? I mean, talk about your teases!!
(OK, OK - so I only got "23% similar". What can I say - if it can't escape, I'll eat it.)
BTW, I still make cranberry sauce gelatin salad to this day, from my mother's recipe. It's a big holiday hit with everyone in my home.
(OK, OK - so I live alone. What can I say?)
Lacey CaptainDunsel 62 months ago
THAT was the one I was wanting to make.
NoahBody 63 months ago
84% similar. There was a lot of ugly foods there but I wanna try a hot Dr pepper !!!
ETristanBooth NoahBody 63 months ago
53%. I don't even like cold Dr. Pepper.
SheriHeffner 63 months ago
84% similar. I don't want coffee flavored thing.
JeffTanner 63 months ago
92% similar ----92% similar to the most popular responses.
MrsPhilHarris 63 months ago
30% I would probably try all of them. I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to food.
Lucyneenah19701 63 months ago
84% similar. I like the first cake, and the Charlie Brown cake.
teire 63 months ago
And to all a sweet tooth.
Jay 63 months ago
Wow, I must be really hungry today!
JeffTanner Jay 63 months ago
Well, Hello Svengoolie!
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