Pick: Are these Lost in Space aliens funny or scary?

The show was silly and creepy – sometimes both at once!

No one could ever accuse the classic sci-fi show Lost in Space of being one-note. The show had space cowboys, space pirates, a space circus, a space department store — and those are just the things recognizable to humans!

There were all kinds of wonderfully weird, creepy, ridiculous creatures that Will Robinson and company came across, as the series shifted from black-and-white to ultra-vivid color.

Here are 12 different aliens from the original Lost in Space. Choose which ones make you laugh and which ones creep you out, then see if other people agree!

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  1. Is this space cyclops funny or scary?
  2. Is this shaggy alien funny or scary?
  3. What about this colorful bird creature?
  4. Does this floating bald head give you the creeps or make you laugh?
  5. What about this giant space carrot?
  6. Penny befriends this "Questing Beast" but what do you think of it?
  7. Is this space werewolf funny or scary to you?
  8. What about this being from "The Astral Traveler"?
  9. Does this make you happy or make you afraid?
  10. Is this faceless alien funny or scary?
  11. What about this space yeti?
  12. Lastly, does this green, big-brained alien give you the chuckles or the chills?

Pick: Are these Lost in Space aliens funny or scary?

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John 3 days ago
Okay, which one of you guys thought the space carrot was scary? I was about five when I first saw that episode, and I remember being more creeped out by Bozo the Clown.
zekezeus1 6 days ago
There was one creature that looked like it was covered in seaweed and made this haunting sound. When I was a kid it scared me to death. Also, many of the creatures were recycled in the episode called “The Keeper” one of LIS best episodes (parts 1&2).
srrainwater 8 days ago
58% similar. To be fair all the aliens were funny. I mean the “carrot”. Now if it was Brussels spouts, it would have been a different story
dictracy 9 days ago
I love the show, but they’re all funny—- don’t really see how they could be anything else
BustaNutter1 9 days ago
83%. When I was a kid this was my favorite TV show. I would say nothing but fond memories, but I also remember I had to take a bath after it was over!
JamieJudd 10 days ago
My Dad whistles this theme song's tune all the time. It's a great memory I'll always have. We both very much enjoy this show together. My Dad is awesome.
BustaNutter1 JamieJudd 9 days ago
Didn't Lost In Space have two different theme songs? Which one did he whistle?
MikefromJersey 10 days ago
91% similar. This is the first time I broke 50% in this type of quiz. When I was a kid, creature
number 10 with the derby terrified me, as my brother told me it was Stan Laurel's re-animated
corpse come to life. Because I loved Stan and Ollie in Babes In Toyland. Brothers are like
that. Creature number 9, I'm sorry but it looks like something my cat left in the litter box.
MaryAnn MikefromJersey 10 days ago
I initially thought number 9 was scary, but after reading your comment and scrolling back up, I would like to change my answer to funny! 🤣
MikefromJersey MaryAnn 9 days ago
Mary, what about #5, the giant carrot from the immortal "The Great Vegetable Rebellion"?
Many people claim that episode is the worst hour in TV history. Ma and Pa Robinson couldn't
stop laughing so most of their lines were cut and they were suspended for two episodes.
Producer Allan actually took all the nonsense seriously on his series, maybe that's why
they have lasted, as Barney Fife would say he's a real dedicated nut.
Have always thought this show was idiotically funny, but your comment about the re-animated Stan Laurel corpse just made me bust out loud laughing.
Hi Mirramanee,
Thanks pal, I got traumatized as a kid and you guys are yucking it up! :)
jimmyvici 11 days ago
50% similar. I picked funny for all. Hard to believe people found these scary. 🤣
TheDavBow3 11 days ago
Wow! 100%!! Never had that before 😄
Runeshaper 11 days ago
83% similar - haven’t laughed and been scared so much in such a short period of time ever! LOL :)
Inrodwetrust 11 days ago
If I’m not mistaken I believe #4 was used on both the twilight zone and the outer limits. Two of my favorite shows
I used to get the chills and the hair would stand up on the back of my neck during the opening of The Outer Limits. Scariest show opening ever.
And the music for Outer Limits was totally haunting and chilling, too (especially the closing credits score)! I still have the soundtrack.
Barry22 12 days ago
58% The one alien on LIS that always made me laugh, were the ones that were wearing the hats. Really!!?
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