Can you fly through this Lost in Space fan quiz?

Try not to get tangled in this treacherous trivia!


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The classic Irwin Allen science fiction series Lost in Space was sometimes funny, sometimes creepy but always a little strange.

How well do you know this far out series? Try to get all 15 of these tantalizing trivia treats right!

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  1. When did Lost in Space originally air on CBS?
  2. Which composer who worked on Lost in Space later composed music for Hollywood Blockbusters such as Jaws and Raiders of The Lost Ark?
  3. What was the Jupiter 2’s launch date?
  4. Pilot Donald West held which rank?
  5. What was the name of the Lost in Space original unaired pilot episode?
  6. When does “Machiavellian Menace” Dr. Zachary Smith reprogram the robot to destroy the Jupiter 2?
  7. In “The Derelict” the Robinson Family barely avoids which catastrophe?
  8. In “Return from Outer Space” Will Robinson used the Tauron Matter Transfer device to beam to Earth, where did he arrive?
  9. In “The Keeper - Parts One and Two” what did Michael Rennie’s Keeper use to control his animals?
  10. In “The Challenge” who played Quano, the young warrior seeking approval from his father?
  11. In “Blast Off into Space” who played Nerim the space miner?
  12. In “Wreck of The Robot” why was the Robinson’s Robot stolen by aliens?
  13. In “Visit to a Hostile Planet” the Robinson Family passed through a time warp and returned to Earth in what year?
  14. In “Flight into the Future” who played Commander Fletcher, leader of the Earth archaeological team?
  15. Traveler Jimmy Hapgood from “Welcome, Stranger” left Earth in which year?

Can you fly through this Lost in Space fan quiz?

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Snickers 32 months ago
14/15 Favorite episodes: " Trip through the Robot" and "Hunters Moon".
DIGGER1 35 months ago
Can you fly through this Lost in Space fan quiz?
You got 12 out of 15
No danger here, you did great!
RPalumbo 38 months ago
I got 13 out of 15
I missed two of the guest stars
jschliclbernd9 45 months ago
11/15 haven't seen this show in years.
GregLemieux 45 months ago
15/15 I'm a huge Lost in Space fan. Good job by the fans on these questions.
Filmnoirfan 45 months ago
9/15 - watched the show as a kid and still have the plastic replica toy robot
loupast1941690 46 months ago
Got all the answers. Right yuk,yuk,yuk.i must be a stoge! Surtinly!
daniel 46 months ago
Ike and Corabeth were not "side" characters on "The Waltons". Ike was in most episodes from the start, and, when Corabeth joined in season 3, she and Ike were major characters from then on. They supplied many plots for the episodes, as well as subplots.
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