How well you do you know the song ''Time to Change'' from The Brady Bunch?

Watch the scene here and then take the quiz!

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The Brady kids record a song with a funny gimmick!
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The Brady Bunch showed the ups and downs of growing up with humor and heart. One issue that was handled in a funny (and catchy) way was the changing of Peter's voice. In "Dough Re Mi," big brother Greg pays $150 to reserve studio time for a song he wrote. Unfortunately, Peter's voice has just hit the squeaky, cracking phase of puberty and can't quite hit the same notes.

Instead of giving up (and losing the non-refundable money), the siblings come up with a better idea. The result? A song every adolescent can relate to.

Now that you’ve watched this memorable recording scene, see how much you remember with the questions below!

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  1. What’s the very first thing the Bradys sing?
  2. True or false: None of the Bradys are playing any instruments.
  3. What is Greg Brady wearing?
  4. “It’s even true for voices when boys begin to grow” rhymes with…
  5. What is Peter’s contribution to the song?
  6. Who is watching them outside the recording booth?
  7. What is the Bradys' group called?
  8. What is the name on the outside of the recording studio?
  9. What does the sound engineer call the recording?
  10. What does Alice say to Carol at the end?

How well you do you know the song ''Time to Change'' from The Brady Bunch?

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