Pick: How popular are your opinions on Lost in Space?

Did you like Dr. Smith better when he was naughty or nice?

Half-space drama, half-campy comedy, Lost in Space remains one of the wildest shows to ever air. Fans either loved how the show evolved from season to season or felt a little lost themselves in how zany the Robinson family adventures could get.

This survey takes aim at the most heavily debated audience views when it comes to Lost in Space

Weigh in now and see if the whole world agrees with you or if your Lost in Space opinions amount to a planet all on its own.

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  1. Who is your favorite Lost in Space character?
  2. Which Lost in Space season was your favorite?
  3. Was Dr. Smith better as an evil villain or campy sidekick?
  4. What’s your favorite Lost in Space episode?
  5. Which episode do you think has the craziest plot?
Pick: How popular are your opinions on Lost in Space?

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