Pick: How popular are your opinions on Lost in Space?

Did you like Dr. Smith better when he was naughty or nice?

Half-space drama, half-campy comedy, Lost in Space remains one of the wildest shows to ever air. Fans either loved how the show evolved from season to season or felt a little lost themselves in how zany the Robinson family adventures could get.

This survey takes aim at the most heavily debated audience views when it comes to Lost in Space

Weigh in now and see if the whole world agrees with you or if your Lost in Space opinions amount to a planet all on its own.

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  1. Who is your favorite Lost in Space character?
  2. Which Lost in Space season was your favorite?
  3. Was Dr. Smith better as an evil villain or campy sidekick?
  4. What’s your favorite Lost in Space episode?
  5. Which episode do you think has the craziest plot?

Pick: How popular are your opinions on Lost in Space?

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Kipperbugg 12 days ago
Penny was my favorite grow up, such a crush on her
Lacey 15 days ago
You did not list any of my favorites episodes including The Sky Pirate, Treasure of the Lost Planet, and my absolute favorite, The Magic Mirror. I still cry with that one, though more figuratively these days.
Supercat58 22 days ago
Oh yeah, and the Robot was great too. He was smart and funny. I loved the way he put the good doctor in his place. Ha Ha!
Supercat58 22 days ago
My favorite character was Will. He was close to my age so I could relate (but he was more of a brain). Prof. Robinson was tough but loving. He had unlimited patience with Dr Smith. Don and the two girls had ok parts, but I liked Maureen best. She was (and June Lockhart is) gorgeous ❤️
PulsarStargrave 25 days ago
My favorite version of Dr. Smith is in the middle of Season One, more "ornery" than evil, a bit of a coward, (but how many can hold their nerve under those circumstances?) and he could be compassionate where the kids and Maureen were concerned.

The swashbuckling Professor Robinson was my favorite and I suspect cartoonist JACK KIRBY also liked him as he seemed to redesign The Fantastic Four's "Reed Richards" character to more resemble Robinson!

Finally, when I hit my teen years that's when I started to notice how pretty Penny was--and I still think so today, based on her relatively recent MeTV ads!
Moriyah 26 days ago
54% Similar! I would love if they made one for GP, and I bet a lot of people out there would like it too! Do y'all feel the same if that were to be the case?! (Let me know)
Moriyah DLF 1 day ago
If you're wondering, it stands for Gomer Pyle
Snickers 26 days ago
I think " Visit to a Hostile Planet" and "Trip through the Robot" were good but I liked "Hunter's Moon" as well.
daDoctah 26 days ago
Might have helped to have brief descriptions of the episodes for those last two questions. Was pretty sure that "Return from Outer Space" was the one I was thinking of, which before MeTV tended to get skipped over in syndication because it was a Christmas-themed storyline and would have seemed weird if it ran in April.

Another favorite of mine, "A Visit to Hades", wasn't listed as a choice for the quiz.
quentincollin 2 months ago
For my mind the worst Lost in Space episode was not mentioned. From the 2nd season it is "The Mechanical Men" with those stupid and laughable tiny robots...Lost in Space is my All Time favorite tv series but even I would agree there were A LOT of stinkers. The series was best during the first season when comedy was at a minimum and before they turned Smith into an idiot. The best part of the second and third seasons was when the Jupiter 2 was in flight. Got tired of them stranded for a whole year on the planet.
Snickers quentincollin 26 days ago
I think the great vegetable rebellion has to be the worse.Really. a talking carrot?
Randall 6 months ago
Season 1 episode 21 that is my favorite lost in space episode that is the only episode that Dr. Smith shows wisdom a coming of age for Penney It seems to have more effect coming from him because most fathers can't bear to say that to there little girl on a side note war of the robots wasn't on the list?
Voyage_Lover_32 9 months ago
48% similar I'm watching lost in space right now
TinaMarieHaddadRhodes 10 months ago
Got 100% similar... I just know what I like and I really really like Lost in Space...
handzelek 10 months ago
This show is a classic that our family has been watching to date from the sixties either on TV or DVD. The sheer sense of family togetherness when in peril attracts us.
Snickers handzelek 26 days ago
I love all the 60's sci-fi series maybe do to the fact I a young kid back then. I love Star Trek the org. series as well as Time Tunnel Lost in Space, Land of the Giants and of course Voyage to the bottom of the Sea.
Hounddoggy 11 months ago
51%- Guess I’m Lost in Space 🤓
ndebrabant 22 months ago

You got 68% similar
You got 68% similar to the most popular responses
ndebrabant 22 months ago

You got 68% similar
You got 68% similar to the most popular responses
TROONORTH 29 months ago
Lost In Space was always the epitome of bad S.F. Barely watchable at the best of times. Never bad enough to avoid and never good enough to reach the lofty goal of being 'campy'. The series was completely eclipsed by Star Trek. The new series is quite good and boldly goes where the original series didn't - quality.
Pilaf TROONORTH 8 months ago
A tad harsh!
Snickers Pilaf 26 days ago
I agree, when you understand these series where created back in the 60's with a limited budget and sub par special effects they still hold up well.
SalIanni TROONORTH 25 days ago
Lost In Space is better than Star Trek.
Pretty much agree with you, Troonorth. The first season of Lost in Space was pretty good, but then degenerated into childish foolishness by the end of the series. Bad scripts killed the series. Even as a kid, I was embarrassed by the campiness of the scripts; the same was true for the Batman series. Star Trek never fell prey to collapsing into childishness as some series did: Lost in Space (though I still enjoy the intermittent episode), Batman, Happy Days and all of its horrible spinoffs, and even The Flintstones. Star Trek, on the other hand, got better with each passing season.
DLF SalIanni 1 day ago
Negative. =)
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