How well do you remember ''Turkeys Away,'' the greatest Thanksgiving episode of all time?

Do you have the stuffing to pass this WKRP in Cincinnati quiz?

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family, consume piles of home cooking… and laugh along with the most inept radio promotion in television history.

WKRP in Cincinnati had been on the air a mere month when it aired "Turkeys Away," just its seventh episode. The eclectic cast of character was already in top form, and this hilarious piece of sitcom writing immediately entered the hall of fame. It's the funniest Thanksgiving episode, the most beloved WKRP in Cincinnati episode, a highlight of 1970s television overall, and just one of the flat-out best sitcom episodes of all time.

So, how well do you remember it? 

See if you've got the stuffing to pass this turkey test!
  1. In the beginning, a bored Arthur is wandering the office, asking everyone what they're doing. Les tells him, "In football, this may be the week for…" which team?
  2. Arthur then tries to help Bailey with a T-shirt promotion. She's trying to decide between two bands for a giveaway. Which two bands?
  3. Who comes up with the idea for the Thanksgiving promotion?
  4. How many live turkeys are required for the promotion?
  5. Who is put in charge of purchasing the turkeys from a farm?
  6. Andy wears a T-shirt for which Ohio university?
  7. Who is asked to go do the remote broadcast?
  8. Johnny tells Venus about Arthur's last promotion gone wrong. The failed stunt left the station a warehouse full of 3,000… what?
  9. And how did Arthur eventually get rid of all that overstock?
  10. Where does the turkey promotion take place?
  11. Les tells a businessman he won what local news award last year?
  12. The turkeys are dropped from what?
  13. Afterward, Jennifer must deal with an angry phone call from…?

How well do you remember ''Turkeys Away,'' the greatest Thanksgiving episode of all time?

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Coolrain 28 days ago
You got 13 out of 13
Rock 'n' roll! You deserve a shift on the air.
My favorite episode of this show, watch it every year.
Snickers 8 months ago
10/13. Carlson to Travis "As god is my witness I thought turkeys could fly"
Moverfan 32 months ago
Les? Les, are you there? (beat) Les isn't there.
Brian 42 months ago
"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly," said WKRP station manager Arthur Carlson.
I nominate that line to the 100 Funniest TV Show Lines & Catchphrases Of All Time.
Jon 45 months ago
There could've been a question about which group Johnny was playing w/ barking dogs on the soundtrack [Pink Floyd].
Jon 45 months ago
I just watched this & still missed 2 of them. I can watch again tomorrow, either from DVR or on Me-TV.
JamesB 45 months ago
13/13. It was aired last week!
nemalki 45 months ago
12/13. I should have guessed lower and pushed my luck. Still, that's a lot!
Barry22 45 months ago
9/13, forgot some things, but what a great episode.
cperrynaples 45 months ago
9/13! "I honestly thought turkeys could fly!"
BuckRogers 45 months ago
12/13! What platitudes can I add to this classic episode that hasn’t been said before? I can say one of the weakest and most disappointing WKRP holiday episodes was their treatment of “A Christmas Carol”. The last scene showing the staff celebrating with each other, however, was pretty sweet. One wonders if the writers knew their Thanksgiving episode was such a hit that it couldn’t be topped by a Christmas episode and they didn’t bother to try. The other Christmas episode involved the staff thinking Jennifer was going to be alone on Christmas, so they all arrived at her apartment to give her a merry Christmas. Stronger presentation, but nothing compared to the mighty Thanksgiving “turkeys away” episode.
Dicazi 45 months ago
But I saw the episode in the 1 run-thru of WKRP on Me.
I didn't remember it so early in the shows run, and I would have sworn we saw the turkeys being pushed out of the copter.
I have the series on DVD and I don't remember seeing that scene either. Although, as we know, some series' episodes aren't as complete as we would like them to be. Case in point, the last episode of the first season of the Partridge Family, {the one w/ Bobby Sherman;} where Bobby and Llionel {I misspelled it on purpose, cuz that's how the character spelled it.} say goodbye to everyone, they get into the hearse and Llionel wonders if he'd either quit all his jobs or remembered to turn everything off, etc. That scene is not on the end of said episode on the dvd set. So maybe that WKRP scene was deleted, as well.
Could be! You'd be shocked at how many shows are released on DVD with syndication edits. Also, in the case of shows like WKRP, music rights are not always available!
It might be restored on the reissue of "WKRP" from Shout Factory.

The original 20th Century Fox DVD release of season 1 could very well have that scene cut out. And since everybody also didn't like how Fox subbed generic music for the original music, you can easily see why Fox didn't release a season 2 DVD set of "WKRP." (I heard the Shout Factory reprint restored *most of* the original hits first heard on the series.)
AndrewHass 45 months ago
I was 6/13 and i got the final 5 questions right.
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