How well do you know Lieutenant Uhura?

Uhura was a groundbreaking role, but how much do you know about the character?

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Nichelle Nichols' groundbreaking role in the original Star Trek series is a fan favorite for many Star Trek lovers. It made history, and the role played a crucial part in various areas of the show's plot. On holidays like Halloween, children and adults were (and still are) eager to dress up as Lt. Uhura.

We're calling all Star Trek: The Original Series fans! How well do you know the forever popular fictional character Lieutenant Uhura?

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  1. What's Lt. Uhura's first name?
  2. Where is she from?
  3. What language does she speak?
  4. When was Lt. Uhura born?
  5. Under Captain Kirk, Uhura is...
  6. When off duty, Uhura likes to...
  7. Which episode is her first appearance on the original series?
  8. Which episode was her last in the original series?

How well do you know Lieutenant Uhura?

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Glornt 7 months ago
7/8, missed her birthday. I don't know any of the ST character birthdays!
BuckeyeBeth 7 months ago
6/8 I missed the last two 😕
oldmoe51 9 months ago
I don’t know her as well as I would like too. Lol
LH 9 months ago
4/8 I guess I don’t know her very well!
Pacificsun 9 months ago
Where or how, did someone figure out her birth date? Just curious.
FLETCH Pacificsun 9 months ago
It is part of the Star Trek canon
BuckeyeBeth FLETCH 7 months ago
From one of the films or books? I’m pretty sure none of their birthdays was mentioned on the original series.
MikefromJersey 9 months ago
5 for 8.
You will be amazed to see her in "Truck Turner", where she inherits a pimp's stable
and is the Anti Uhura in all ways. Sleazily dressed, she's tougher than Issac Hayes
private eye character which he later memorably recycled for the Rockford Files.
Star Trek fans will be awed by her performance.
oldmoe51 MikefromJersey 9 months ago
In the Rockford Files he was an ex con that stayed in the same prison as Rockford. But yea he did act as the tuff guy in both.
Stoney 10 months ago
5 for 8. My one quibble is the birthday question...pretty sure it wasn't mentioned in the show.
TheKodakKid Stoney 9 months ago
I agree with you. It was never stated on the show, as best I remember. That was one of the two I missed. There are a number of “facts” about the characters that fans and writers of the different books-based-on-the series that were never established in The Orginal Series on TV.
Pacificsun Stoney 9 months ago
That was the very first question I asked, before reading anyone else's comments!
Pacificsun TheKodakKid 9 months ago
Yeah, the Quizzers need to frame the quiz or questions as to from the Series, how familiar are you with Uhura. I mean, in 1965, they were barely thinking of the year 2244, plus add her 40 years onto it.
MrChrisM 10 months ago
Though I am a fan of TOS I don't keep track what the order of the episodes are in my head. So asking what her first and last episodes were was beyond me.
Runeshaper 10 months ago
6/8 🙂

This score made Uhura smile. Good job!
KJExpress 10 months ago
6/8. I'm a ST-TOS fan, so I should've done better. 😔
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