Do you know your Dr. Leonard ''Bones'' McCoy?

He's not just any doctor, he's the one and only Bones! How well do you remember the exploits of the Enterprise's Chief Medical Officer?

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When the crew of the Enterprise needed to be patched up, or caught some strange form of alien disease, there was one man they went to: Dr. Leonard McCoy. Also known as Bones, this southern gentleman with a short temper, loud mouth and a heart of gold served faithfully on the Enterprise during its five year mission and beyond. In honor of DeForest Kelley's birthday on January 20th, test your knowledge on all things Bones!

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  1. What state was Bones born in?
  2. When did Bones start serving in Starfleet?
  3. What deck are Bones' quarters in on the Enterprise?
  4. When Bones thought he met his old flame Nancy Carter on Planet M-113, what actually was posing as her?
  5. What medium does Bones discover the mind-altering substance passes through in "The Naked Time"?
  6. What human-sized animal does Bones hallucinate in "Shore Leave"?
  7. When Bones formulates a cure for the rapid aging disease in "Miri", who does he test it on?
  8. Which prominent galactic figure does Bones have to operate on in "Journey to Babel"?
  9. In which episode does a temporarily insane Bones cause a change in the timeline?
  10. Which possessed crew member does Bones have to sedate in "Wolf in the Fold"?
  11. What does Bones mix with theragen to stop the space madness in "The Tholian Web"?
  12. Who isn't a part of the away team that accompanies Bones in "Plato's Stepchildren"?
  13. Which Bones line is said the most throughout the series, "He/She's dead Jim" or "I'm a doctor, not a..."?
  14. Which of these lines is not said by Bones?
  15. In which Star Trek sequel series does an elderly Bones make an appearance in?

Do you know your Dr. Leonard ''Bones'' McCoy?

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BuckeyeBeth 9 months ago
12/15 I think I did pretty good. Episode titles are usually the thing that trip me up. I’ve tried multiple times but for some reason I’ve never been able to memorize the episode titles on the original Star Trek. DS9? If I see the title I pretty much know the episode every single time. I am upset with myself for screwing up the question of “I’m a Doctor” or “ he’s dead Jim” 😕
TravisBalling 10 months ago
Question 11, it is Scotty who mixes the Theragen with alcohol, McCoy only diluted the Theragen so it would not be lethal. Question 12 Kirk and Spock beam down with McCoy in Plato's Stepchildren, Nurse Chapel and Uhura are beamed down later by the Plutonians.
And what is an "away team" anyway? Is it like a landing party?
BuckeyeBeth LenVishnevsky 9 months ago
Yes. Think of it as the team that goes away from the ship.
Monica 11 months ago
12 out of 15. Thought I'd only miss two of them.
vinman63 15 months ago
No bones about it I know nothing about Bones McCoy
PDCougar 15 months ago
13/15. I'm pretty sure #2 was never from the TV show, and maybe not #3. Just wanted to add, though, that I proudly have a signed photo from DeForest on which he wrote: "Happy birthday to 'Us' on Jan. 20th!" He was a great through-the-mail signer in requests sent to his home, back in those pre-eBay days.
Bapa1 15 months ago
13/15, had to think on some of them.
jtrain 15 months ago
5/15, and they were all guesses! Haven't watched Star Trek in years!
Cougar90 15 months ago
13/15. My sister is a big ST-TOS fan and I've watched many of the episodes. (I just don't tell her I'm in the "Star Wars" camp.)
Grammygram 15 months ago
Boy I stink. I only got 9 correct and I’ve watched Star Trek many times.
Coldnorth Grammygram 15 months ago
I can relate
Concrete64 Grammygram 15 months ago
Me too. I don't get it.
MrChrisM 15 months ago
Did anybody get all 15 on the first try?
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