Test your knowledge of all things Alan Alda

Here's your chance to find out how well you really know the iconic Alan Alda.

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Are you an Alan Alda-holic? Have you done your research as an eagle-eyed fan of Hawkeye Pierce? How well do you know this legend of stage and screen?

His whip-smart witticisms on M*A*S*H were overshadowed only by his real-life kindness. After making his Broadway debut in 1959 and his film debut in 1963, Alda would go on to not only act in, but also write some of our favorite pieces of pop culture history.

Here's your chance to find out how well you really know the iconic Alan Alda.

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  1. What was Alda's name at birth?
  2. What unconventional space did Alda live in at six-years-old?
  3. At what age did Alda's name first appear in print?
  4. With what illness was Alda stricken at a young age?
  5. In which episode of M*A*S*H did Alan Alda appear alongside both his father and his stepbrother?
  6. Alda's first successful screenplay, The Seduction of Joe Tynan, featured which quintessential American actress?
  7. How many Tony nominations has Alda received?
  8. For which of his films roles did Alda receive an Oscar nomination?
  9. What was the name of Alda's character on 30 Rock?
  10. In addition to Hawkeye Pierce, who is the only M*A*S*H character to appear in both the pilot and finale episodes?

Test your knowledge of all things Alan Alda

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Charleshorse 10 months ago
Ooops a daisy. I thought the quiz was about Hawkeye. I'm surprised I got as many as 5 out of 10
FLETCH 11 months ago
5 out of 10. I even read his biography a few years back, how embarrassing
Coldnorth 12 months ago
8/10. Alan Alda over acted 2 episodes I won’t watch ever again. The sneezing one. I watched it once and had to turn the volume down. Who can possibly sneeze that loud so many times. And the concussion one where he talks throughout the whole episode. Just take a breath. I always wondered if all that gibberish was him making it up as he went or was it scripted. Either way it was bad
Adanor Coldnorth 12 months ago
The only episode that I ABSOLUTELY CAN'T STAND is the one about the crossword clue of tomato juice. Drives me up a wall.
Adamtwelvia Coldnorth 3 months ago
I can't stand Bless You, Hawkeye. I don't even get the point of it! What does a childhood memory have to do with the Korean War?!?! I also hate the ep 'Letters'. I just wanted to scream, "SHUT THE HELL UP AND WRITE THE DAMN LETTER, HAWKEYE!! YOU AREN;T SENDING THE SOLDIERS BACK OUT, THE CAPTAINS ARE!! YOU'RE SAVING THEIR LIVES, NOW WILL YOU GO BACK TO THE WAY YOU WERE, PLEASE?!"
DZee 12 months ago
0 out of 0. I really don't care about that whiny, unfunny, man. The episodes that revolve around him are like fingernails on a chalkboard.
Adamtwelvia DZee 3 months ago
To be fair, he WAS funny....in a lot of the eps he didn't write or direct.
ncadams27 12 months ago
Alan Alda also appeared in the following classic TV shows: Sgt. Bilko, Naked City, and Route 66 (played a doctor). Why didn’t they ask me that?
Snickers 12 months ago
Way to many M*A*S*H quizzes. Come on MeTv enough all ready!
ncadams27 Snickers 12 months ago
With the extra hour at 6 and Sunday, that’s 22 episodes a week - the number in a typical season.
Snickers ncadams27 11 months ago
Yea like we need two hours of M*A*S*H every night. I t would be nice if MeTV would air Outer Limits or some other old time series. How about Mr. Ed or My favorite Martian?
Adamtwelvia Snickers 3 months ago
We were just fine with only one hour of MASH a night, thank you.
Adamtwelvia ncadams27 3 months ago
I know what you mean. I can't BELIEVE we're back to season 10 already! It was literally the last week of November when Frank Burns left the show!
rogerkbaker 12 months ago
Question 10 is in error - it asks which other character was in the pilot and the finale. Father Mulcahy was also in both; George Morgan portrayed him in the pilot, while William Christopher played the part in the rest of the series (including the finale). The question would've been correct if it addressed the actors rather than the characters.
Adamtwelvia rogerkbaker 3 months ago
Wasn't Radar also in the pilot? After all, the first scene of the opening is him watching the choppers come in
Moody 12 months ago
6/10. Not too bad I guess.
JHP 12 months ago
2/10 - gees

with almost ANY movie ? I stink like a can of nightcrawlers left in a july sun
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