Do you know what job these TV stars had before becoming famous?

These TV stars weren't always TV stars, sometimes they were cashiers, waiters and door-to-door salesmen.

All performers have to start somewhere, and some of these performers started in some surprising places. From being a salesman to being a waitress in a restaurant, these celebrities were once just like everyone else.

Today we are looking at the big "what if?" What if your favorite TV stars took the other route and stuck with their jobs before fame? 

Take your best guess and try to remember what these TV stars jobs were before fame.

  1. Which of these TV stars was a ventriloquist before becoming a famous actor?
  2. Which of these actors was a high school teacher before becoming famous?
  3. Before becoming an actor, this person was a religious editor for Harper & Row.
  4. Which TV star worked as a telephone operator before making it big?
  5. Before becoming famous, which of these actors was a post office clerk?
  6. This person was a janitor before becoming a famous actor:
  7. Which of these stars worked in a Hollywood restaurant before becoming famous?
  8. This person studied religion and wanted to be a minister before becoming an actor:
  9. Which of these stars was a movie theater usher before becoming a famous TV star?
  10. This person spent 11 years as an unpaid script assistant at Poverty Row Pictures before becoming an actor:
  11. Which of these stars was a mailman before they were a famous actor?
  12. This person was a door-to-door salesman before becoming a famous actor:
  13. Which of these stars was a restaurant cashier before becoming famous?

Do you know what job these TV stars had before becoming famous?

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wallyandbagfan 3 days ago
Take This Job And Shove It by
Johnny Paycheck is another song about jobs.
9 To 5 by Dolly Parton is a song about jobs.
AllisonWunderland 3 days ago
3/13…Obviously, I had no clue what job they had before 🤪
bsantaniello 5 days ago
10/13 what interesting jobs they held.
dodgebob 5 days ago
2/13, the funny thing is, I did all of those positions before never becoming a famous actor.
Coolrain 6 days ago
You got 5 out of 13
Not a great day on the job today! Better luck next time. Even Don Knotts thought your performance could use some improvement.

Surprised I got any right! I didn't know any of them, guessed them all.
Coldnorth Coolrain 3 days ago
Same score as you. Wonder if our guesses matched
Marti67 6 days ago
6/13 I guessed at a lot of these except Carol Burnett's. I remember her saying she was a ticket girl at the movies.
LalaLucy 6 days ago
10/13. Some tripped me up, some pure instinctual guesses, a few I recall reading. Carol and Gavin each told interesting tales of their early jobs in their autobiographies, for example.
Riff60 6 days ago
4/13 Wow I really whiffed on this one
forthekids 6 days ago
Bob Denver was also a school teacher.
dodgebob forthekids 5 days ago
Howard Morris was his best student, being quoted as saying, (" We aint all here because we aint all there" ) : ~ )
Geronimo 6 days ago
Not a great day on the job today! Better luck next time. Even Don Knotts thought your performance could use some improvement
Zip 7 days ago
Most of the ones I knew is because I have read some of the actors auto-biographies. And some I guessed on.
Adanor 7 days ago
No matter what the job was, other than money it gave them experience in the real world which at times can translate into being a better actor. When they made Klinger (Jamie Farr) into a company clerk on MASH, he probably drew heavily on his time as a post office clerk. And of course, when Carol Burnett was a movie theater usher, what could she do but watch the movie that was currently playing. And years later, she was able to draw upon that knowledge when she developed parodies of those movies in all of those many skits.
JayBurd 7 days ago
6 of 13..... I guessed 7 wrong guesses
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