Can you guess the TV show from its St. Patrick's Day episode?

Test your TV trivia… or your luck!


Feeling lucky? Well, maybe you just have superior knowledge of classic TV. No luck needed in that case.

St. Patrick's Day is rather overlooked as a subject matter for television. Shows love to tell Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas stories. But why is the March holiday so overlooked? 

Still, some classic shows dabbled with St. Pat's stories — or featured leprechauns. See if you can guess them all!

  1. They were looking for gold in the Silver State.
  2. Henry Jones played the Irishman in this episode called "The Leprechaun."
  3. St. Patrick's Day meant "War (Part VII)" on this sitcom.
  4. He dressed in green for "Too Good Edith."
  5. This '80s sitcom family wore meat in a St. Patrick's Day episode titled "Superstition."
  6. This woman thought she was a leprechaun in the episode "Somewhere Under the Rainbow."
  7. This cartoon aired "The Leprechaun" in 1961.
  8. The Peach Pit decorated for the holiday in "The Leprechaun."
  9. A good leprechaun and his evil twin appeared aboard the ship in the 1968 episode "Terrible Leprechaun."
  10. This show featured green baddies named Emerald and Verdigris in its St. Pat's episode.
  11. This 1980s reboot of a 1960s series had an episode called "The Leprechaun-Artist."
  12. This Western anthology series ran for 18 seasons and featured Denny Miller, a former Tarzan, as an Irish fellow named Tommy in "The Leprechaun of Last Chance Gulch."

Can you guess the TV show from its St. Patrick's Day episode?

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WilliamJorns 16 months ago
I missed on the ep titled "Somewhere Under The Rainbow." That's because I never watched "Moonlighting." Oh well, I got the other 11 right, even the episodes I didn't watch (because I recognized either the characters or sets from those shows).
Coldnorth 16 months ago
11/12. Lots of clues in this quiz
Thacket 16 months ago
I guessed on most of them. Got 9/12. I knew the Bonanza one, All in the Family and Cheers, other than that I just guessed.
Wenatchee7 16 months ago
12/12 I just earned my Four-Leaf Clover sticker.
RobertK 16 months ago
8 of 12. Started out great and then the guessing started. That's where my "Luck" ran out. I never watched several of the shows in the answer choices.
I always know St. Patrick's Day is getting close. It seems every commercial break has a "lucky Charms" cereal commercial!!
Gptoony 16 months ago
Guessed on the last one I've seen all of these shows and don't remember a St Patrick's day except for Bewitched
MrPerfect 16 months ago
12/12. Easy as "Bangers and Mash".
MrPerfect 16 months ago
This comment has been removed.
BorisK 16 months ago
11/12 ... the 80's Twilight Zone reboot, btw, was the worst thing anyone has ever put on television.
Rob BorisK 16 months ago
You’ve obviously never seen “Small Wonder”.
Dario 16 months ago
11 out of 12! Got No. 9 wrong. 😁😁😁😁😁
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