Did these new character introductions make or break your favorite classic television shows?

You love them, but you just love to hate them a little bit more.

Any new character being introduced to an already well-loved series is subjected to a trial by fire. The audience either loves them or hates them, and more often than not, they're not too shy about letting you know. We've compiled a few of the most famous (and infamous) new character arrivals on an already existing series, and we're asking you whether they improved the quality of the show, or stunk up the place.

  1. Cousin Oliver in The Brady Bunch
  2. Captain B.J. Hunnicutt in M*A*S*H
  3. Stephanie on All In The Family
  4. Charles Emerson Winchester III in M*A*S*H
  5. Jamie Hunter-Cartwright in Bonanza
  6. Dick Van Dyke on The Carol Burnett Show
  7. Teresa Betancourt on All In The Family
  8. Colonel Sherman Potter on M*A*S*H
  9. Deputy Warren Ferguson on The Andy Griffith Show
  10. The recasting of John-Boy, now played by Robert Wightman, in The Waltons

Did these new character introductions make or break your favorite classic television shows?

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Charleshorse 1 month ago
It was not a good idea to have Ricky on the Partridge Family. Why? He was way to young and he sang like any other untalented 4 year old. And Andy on Family Ties? The worst. Again....way too young.
I know these aren't METV shows but I just had to get this off my chest, lol
CrumblyCrunchies 1 month ago
Kinda cold blooded to say they"ruined" the show. Maybe ask if it was 'better' or 'worse".
SheriHeffner 1 month ago
I never watched or liked M*A*S*H so I don't know who was loved. I got 70%
SheriHeffner 1 month ago
It wasn't Cousin Oliver or Robert Whitemans faults they cancelled The Brady Bunch or The Waltons. A combination of The kids wanting to turn the shoe into another Partridge Family and Robert Reed's non stop complaining about "How Stupid" the stories were about. And It was Michael Learned's choice to walk out not once but twice. I think she had a drinking problem. Then Ralph Waite left the show, reason unknown? That left the seven teen and adult children; their spouses and the two Grandchikdren and Cousin Rose.
Show and Grandchildren
KellyO SheriHeffner 17 days ago
Who could blame Robert Reed? The show was stupid, he was a far better actor than that role but got stereotyped. I read he also had a big drinking problem exacerbated by the fact he had to stay in the closet. RIP Bob Reed.
Coldnorth 2 months ago
Oliver could have been Alice’s child with sam
Hollie 2 months ago
60% i didnt and still dont watch mash so had no idea who those people were , loved Theresa on All in the family but i liked her as an actress anyway
SheriHeffner Hollie 1 month ago
I Liked her too.
Jeffrey 2 months ago
"80% similar ----80% similar to the most popular responses"
grandpa5741 2 months ago
100% similar, 100% correct 👍
CouchPotato987 2 months ago
Most of these new characters made the show they were on worse. The greatest example was deputy Warren on the Andy Griffith Show. In my opinion, after Don Knotts left the show at the conclusion of the fifth season, the Andy Griffith Show was never the same.
If they would show the color episodes on MeTV we could compare Warren to Barney. After all it wasn't the actors fault Don Knotts left TAGS. And I remember the last season of The Carol Burnett Show. I wasn't happy that Harvey left. I love Dick Van Dyke but it wasn't the same without Harvey. Personally I would have liked to have seen Ken Berry as a regular.
KellyO CouchPotato987 17 days ago
I read about Knotts leaving. It was because Griffith said the show wouldn’t go past 5 years so Don was only contracted that long. He already had movie projects so had to go, which altered the show entirely - and, IMO, not for the better.
MarthaWashington 2 months ago
100%--In Mash, the different characters brought something new to the series in the way of a new character. However, Warren Ferguson, was a complete disaster. HUH HUH HUH, hated those episodes
Agreed. The MASH newcomers were different from their predecessors and thus added new elements to the dynamics between the characters. Casting folks who tried to copy the actors who'd left would have been a disaster - it just wouldn't work.
Lillyrose 2 months ago
70% similar. The first 3 seasons of MASH are the best. BJ, Potter, and Charles were all good, but it wasn't as funny a show anymore. Although, Charles was really funny. He was a better character than Frank. But Trapper and Henry were a zillion times better and funnier than BJ and Potter, to the point where when I watch MASH, and Trapper and Henry are not in the credits, I'm disappointed.
Richard Thomas was great as John-Boy on the Waltons (although many times too crabby). Richard Wightman is not nearly as good. I don't like those episodes. The Waltons was better before John Boy left. My favorite episode is "The Ring." Hilarious! Reminded me of "I Love Lucy".
Speaking of The Waltons, I wonder if MeTV will air "Eight is Enough"?
Adamtwelvia Lillyrose 2 months ago
Potter and BJ were great!! Especially Potter! Blame Alan Alda for the show going downhill. I literally can't watch an ep if I see 'Written by Alan Alda' in the credits, cause I know what'll eventually happen!!
KellyO Lillyrose 17 days ago
I disagree about MASH. I do not like Wayne Rogers character Trapper and never was big on Henry Blake/Maclean Stevenson. I far prefer Sherman Potter and BJ. Charles I could take or leave but Hawkeye had to have a foil. Frank was a great character for that.
KellyO Adamtwelvia 17 days ago
I couldn’t stand Trapper/Wayne Rogers, and rarely watch the early episodes. I love Alan Alda though.
Adamtwelvia KellyO 17 days ago
I don't mind the early eps too much, but I was NOT a fan of Trapper, and I preferred Potter to Blake
AgingDisgracefully 2 months ago
You didn't mention Norman Buntz on Hill Street Blues, the beta version of NYPD's Andy Sipowicz.
He was a Plus.
That's because they, MeTV, doesn't air "Hill Street Blues" or "Eight is Enough", or "Barney Miller", either.
Isn't The Rerun Universe One Big Fake-Happy Family?
(Though not airing Eight is Enough IS something to feel good about.)
Adamtwelvia Jeffrey 17 days ago
Wish they would air "Barney Miller", that's a good show
bmoore4026 2 months ago
90% similar. Glad we are all in agreement on much of these things.
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