Poll: We want to know your Bonanza opinions!

Which Cartwright is best?

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We want to know exactly how you feel about Bonanza

Do you ever ponder what people think about the Ponderosa? Which Cartwright character resonates the most? This poll is so we can all find out what Bonanza stuff is the most beloved.

So give your picks, and be sure to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below!

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  1. Who is your favorite main Cartwright?
  2. Who's your favorite "other" Cartwright?
  3. Candy or Griff King?
  4. Which actor do you prefer to play Dr. Paul (J.P.) Martin?
  5. Who's your favorite law enforcement figure?
  6. Do you have a favorite Bonanza season?
  7. Which season is your favorite?
  8. Is the show better or worse without Pernell Roberts?
  9. Which was your favorite Bonanza TV movie?
  10. How do you prefer your Cartwright boys?

Poll: We want to know your Bonanza opinions!

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Tommygunz 7 months ago
Got 90% similar, I was a big fan of good old Sheriff Roy Coffee though he was the best, I would have been proud to be his Deputy and friend. If your a fan of character Sheriff Roy Coffee, then you must see an episode called…No Less a Man, I know you will enjoy it.
LynCarrigan 7 months ago
I so like that they are a family. They each add to the show and I liked Adam around.
GloryGrace 7 months ago
#9 I had no idea. I watched one of them, maybe the first? It was on TV I believe and I don't know which one. While I loved all their children played their children.....we CAN'T STAND them! The story they used to come up with Hoss's son was unimaginative and SO modern. They tried to (or did depending how you except it) completely ruin his morality and his whole character of who he was. A giant gentle gentleman.....well unless you needed your rear kicked....then he would kick it for you. We all would have excepted that story line of little Joe, but not hoss. I came up with the better story line myself.
BorisK 7 months ago
Johnny Carson asked Michael Landon on-air about the lack of women on The Ponderosa ... he replied "Well ... we had Hop Sing."
trogg888 7 months ago
Mitch vogle was the kid in one of my favorite steve mcqueen movies the reavers.never cared for him on bonanza
trogg888 7 months ago
Sunday was wonderful world of disney and bonanza never fail.
Ready2go 7 months ago
100%.First song I learned on the guitar was the Bonanza theme! Had that one and the Peter Gunn theme cold!
MikefromJersey Ready2go 7 months ago
But do you know the words?
trogg888 Ready2go 7 months ago
Mine was the james bond theme and louie louie
Beatseeker trogg888 7 months ago
for me: louie louie and wild thing... still playem... AND... i know the words!
samseal 7 months ago
My Favorite guest star was Slim Pickens!
mpatrick samseal 7 months ago
They just don't make 'em like Slim Pickens anymore!
MeFanFromSavan 7 months ago
65%. Bonanza changed production lots late in the series run, that also changed the show's dynamics..... or a better term, the show lost some continuity.
JJ614 7 months ago
Bonanza was a weekly staple of our family when I was little. Watched every one. But the Sunday night episodes were always enjoyed with a knot in my stomach because it meant in the morning, I had to go to school, which I always dreaded. So even now, every time I watch it, I have to fight the memory of that feeling. Who'd have thought I'd grow up to earn 2 degrees and be a teacher? SMH.
lmahabhashyam JJ614 7 months ago
I had a similar experience only for me I hated the school bus because that’s where I would get beaten up the most. And my career was driving school buses. But I made sure nobody got away with beating up or bullying anyone.
sphillips815 7 months ago
75 percent similar … I don’t watch the episodes with “Jamie” … thought he was terrible …
pony sphillips815 7 months ago
The character was awful. The actor (Mitch Vogel) is a sweetheart, who attends Bonanza conventions and is incredibly gracious with fans.
ajr3j 7 months ago
Enough Bonanza already. Retire the Ponderosa reruns!
MikefromJersey ajr3j 7 months ago
"Hoss, Little Joe, go tell Sheriff Coffee we got a suspect element here in MeTV City!
He'll round up a posse in no time. ajr3j is probably a jealous Big Valley fan."
Kevin 7 months ago
68% similar to the most popular responses
I'm more of The Rifleman kinda guy.
MikefromJersey 7 months ago
"65% similar to the most popular responses"

Season 1 is the most popular? It had many teething problems before they got a handle on
the characters. Ben was a crazed religious zealot, ready to kill any poor slob who happened
to stray onto the Ponderosa, while Hoss was a near idiot. Hop Sing was a "celestial star
gazer", a throw back to unfortunate Hollywood depictions of the Chinese years earlier.
They quickly jettisoned all that, treating Hop Sing like a favorite uncle.
In real life he spoke many languages, was an intellectual - as was Dan Blocker - and
was shot fighting terrorists who tired to take over the plane he was on.
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