Can you tell what show Burt Mustin is in?

A rather late start in Hollywood didn't slow down the career of Burt Mustin.


The acting career of one Burt Mustin, the memorable character actor of several classic television shows, got his start in television a little bit later than most actors do. 

He was a car salesman, amateur actor and employee at the Better Business Bureau. It all led him down a path that saw his Hollywood career start at the age of 67! 

Though his career started after an already full life of work, Mustin has 200 acting credits to his name, per 

From appearances in Westerns to sitcoms, can you tell what show this classic television fan-favorite is in?

  1. In this scene, Mustin's character is arrested in...
  2. Mustin was in more than 10 episodes of what series as a firefighter?
  3. What series is he the character of Donald Parker?
  4. What show is he in here?
  5. How about here?
  6. What Western is Mustin in here, as the character Jake Smith? He played in several episodes of several Western series!
  7. How about his Western, where he fell asleep on a horse?
  8. What show is Mustin in here?
  9. Here he pays for a newspaper in...
  10. Here he is woken up after a nap on the front porch. What show is this snapshot from?

Can you tell what show Burt Mustin is in?

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WilliamJorns 15 months ago
8 out of 10 - Wow! And I guessed on most of those, too!
Lillyrose 20 months ago
7 out of 10. Burt Mustin was also in an episode of "The Brady Bunch."
bagandwallyfan52 20 months ago
I remember Burt Mustin as Gus the fireman telling Beaver not to be afraid of riding the roller coaster and to say
Gus and the net !
Ready2go 20 months ago
6/10. He was also in "the Outer Limits" in 63-64.
MalachiCrunch 20 months ago

I kept waiting for the BRADY BUNCH episode, where he talks about a run in with Jesse James.
kkvegas 20 months ago
They left out when he played a naked man wrapped in a tablecloth on Adam-12. Near the end of this YouTube video is TV Land's Burt Mustin tribute:
Wenatchee7 20 months ago
8/10 I knew it was a scene from Mayberry but should have guessed Gomer Pyle.
Catman 20 months ago
The most surprising thing to me in his Wikipedia article is that Burt didn't begin his professional acting career until he was 67 years old. I guess being typecast as an old man was inevitable.
LalaLucy 20 months ago
9/10. Most were fairly easy but was seesawing between Gunsmoke and Bonanza on #6 and went the wrong direction. Always enjoy seeing him on any show he turns up on.
Riff60 20 months ago
7/10 much better than my previous two quizzes
WimsieTapenade 20 months ago
9/10, but guessed at a lot of them. I love Burt. He's one of those people that was born at the age of 70.
JHP 20 months ago
a real treasure - him and William Frawley IMO

by the way 3/10 - too many colored shots of westerns of which I NEVER watch - shanked them all

wasn't he on full s*** house or saved by the dumb bell ? (hahahahaha)
Catman JHP 20 months ago
He was never in either of those shows, but he did show up on Batman, Sanford and Son, and The Brady Bunch. Check him out on IMDB!
JHP Catman 20 months ago
was being sarcastic:) - almost every quiz Me-Tv puts out has a ref to those two ultra crappy shows

ya know if he was on those shows - I think would classify as elder abuse
vinman63 JHP 20 months ago
By the time those crappy shows were on Burt went to his reward.
JHP vinman63 20 months ago
yup the great firehouse in the sky - or further:)
Flash4001 20 months ago
I liked when he was Justin Quigley. The old man Edith brought home in his pajamas when he broke out from a Seniors Home on "All In The Family"
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