What show are these spooky houses from?

Inside and out, these houses were made for the spooky season!


Haunted houses, whether they're actually haunted or not, are a Halloween favorite. They appear all over classic television, too! 

From sitcoms to Westerns, there are several scary locations characters venture into, stare at or run by and avoid at all costs! 

These houses could be the main setting for a show, or could only appear in one episode. Do you know what show these scary houses belong to? 

  1. This house is known for how scary it is. What show does it belong to?
  2. Can you tell what show this scary house is from?
  3. This castle offered plenty of scares. It's from...
  4. There wasn't an actual ghost in this cabin, but there were plenty of scares. What show is this image from?
  5. Here's another set of cabins that showcased no shortage of screams. What show are these from?
  6. This old house frightened at least one person. Do you know what show it's from?
  7. Let's go inside the house for this one. Do you recognize this hallway, where plenty of scary things happened?
  8. This spooky house appeared in...
  9. What show is this house from?
  10. The inside of this house not only scared kids, but scared a pup, too!

What show are these spooky houses from?

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RichLorn 19 months ago
These images bring back feelings of being a teen and walking up to my date's door to be greeted by the piercing eyes of .... the FATHER.
MrBill 19 months ago
9/10; knew most these - guessed on a few and missed only one (Full House).
Pastorgman 19 months ago
10 for 10 - Tramp was a dead giveaway for Question 10!
MikefromJersey 19 months ago
9 out of 10. Missed # 6, from Happy Days. I have no memory of it, must have been from the utterly
crap last 3 years of the show which I refused to watch.
It's true, the series really did 'jump the shark' when Fonzie was wearing his leather jacket on
the water skis, it was awful. I refuse to believe Gary Marshall had anything to do with
Happy Days after season 4, other than to collect a check as the official producer.
The best indicator was, the more face time Baio got, the worse the series got.
What a shame, the first 4 years was classic TV.
MrBill MikefromJersey 19 months ago
You are dead wrong - it is from the Season 2 Halloween Episode. Ralph Malph throws a party at an old, abandoned house. He dares Richie to go check it out ahead of time. He gets scared when he sees a headless body in the closet.
MikefromJersey MrBill 19 months ago
Hi Bill,
You can have a clunker in the middle of a run, it doesn't negate the good episodes.
Twilight Zone never jumped the shark, but usually when it went for humor the
episode fell flat, like the two with Carol Burnett.
Pacificsun MikefromJersey 19 months ago


LOCATION: If you play the Trivia Quiz (don't peek first)
Bobbo 19 months ago
8/10! I only knew #10 because of Tramp the dog!
robyni23 19 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
You know your spooky houses, good job! Did they scare you like the characters in the show? Missed #5, and #7.
Bricat2001 19 months ago
Pacificsun Bricat2001 19 months ago
Did I send you an invite?


LOCATION: If your playing Trivia Quiz (wait first)
LalaLucy 19 months ago
9/10. Seems to be my trend today to miss just one. This time I forgot that was a Happy Days house. Been a while since I saw it.
JHP 19 months ago

they are a horsefly on my sunburned back
MikefromJersey JHP 19 months ago
They are bad. Saved By The Bell was recycled junk, it was a hit because they cast
extremely good looking girls for the male viewers and "hunks" for the females.
The adult actors were either plainly lousy, or given scripts so bad they couldn't
be bothered to make an effort.
JHP MikefromJersey 19 months ago

but that show is so darn dated
Rick 19 months ago
#2 was also Mayor Stoner's house (but it was cleaned up) in another episode, and I *think* was Aunt Pit-a-pat's house in GWTW.
LalaLucy Rick 19 months ago
Yep, I think you're right.
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