How well do you remember season one of 'Petticoat Junction'?

If you have what it takes, can you ace this quiz?

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There was always something happening down at the Shady Rest Hotel. Kate Bradley, played by Bea Benaderet, had her hands full with taking care of her business, three daughters, and dealing with her uncle Joe Carson's impulsive actions.

From season one to the finale, there was never a dull moment at the hotel. With a hit show like Petticoat Junction, it's challenging to remember what happened during all seven seasons, especially when some seasons have over thirty episodes. Unless you're a 'Petticoat Genius.'

If you have what it takes, can you ace this quiz? How well do you remember season one?

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  1. In the episode, "Spur Line to Shady Rest," what was the name of the train that C. & F.W. Railroad officials wanted to shut down?
  2. Why was this train important to Kate Bradley and the Shady Rest Hotel?
  3. In the episode, "Please Buy My Violets," what does Uncle Joe do with Kate's money?
  4. What was Kate going to do with the money initially?
  5. In the episode, "Honeymoon Hotel," what scheme does Uncle Joe come up with?
  6. What did Uncle Joe forget to do before marrying a young couple in that episode?
  7. In the episode, "My Daughter the Doctor," what was Billie Jo's father's last wish?
  8. With the money her father left, what does Billie Jo have in mind?
  9. In the episode, "A Millionaire for Kate," who is the latest guest?
  10. What plan does Uncle Joe come up with?

How well do you remember season one of 'Petticoat Junction'?

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bagandwallyfan52 17 months ago
Patch and Kayla from Days OF Our
Lives dancing to The Lady IN Red
By Chris DeBurgh.
bagandwallyfan52 17 months ago
3 Dance Songs in honor of Billie Jo
Bobbi Jo and Betty Jo from Petticoat
Junction and in honor of Daphne
(Hillary Horan) of Happy Days :
Let's Dance -Chris Montez
Dancing IN the Dark-Bruce Springsteen
Dancing IN The Moonlight-King Harvest.
bagandwallyfan52 17 months ago
bagandwallyfan52 17 months ago
On season one of Petticoat Junction
Herbie Bates (Don Washbrook) worked for Sam Drucker(FRANK CADY) AT the
General Store. In season 2 Herbie
bagandwallyfan52 17 months ago
Selma Plout on Petticoat Junction was played by 2 actresses :
Virginia Sale
Elvia Allman.
Henrietta Plout was also played by 2 actresses.
Elvia Allman also played Cora
Watson on Petticoat Junction.
moax429 17 months ago
7/10. Guessed on most of them.

Haven't watched "Petticoat Junction" in a while, but of all those Filmways "rural comedies," this one was the most watchable and also made some sense. (And yes, I too often thought of the girls swimming nude in the water tank!)

BTW: For those who are interested, the first two black and white seasons of "Petticoat Junction" are rerun Saturday afternoons on Retro TV (check their website for more information). But be warned: Retro has replaced the original theme song and some incidental music with generic, royalty-free stock music; apparently the network must be hard up to pay the royalties for the original music. Therefore, I don't see those first season reruns on Retro anymore.

Unless, of course (and correct me if I'm wrong, but it's been a while since I've watched the show), MeTV airs that first season intact, with the original music. (Do they? I'll watch again on MeTV if so.)
Kramden62 moax429 17 months ago
I forgot - "Petticoat Junction" is on Decades.
bagandwallyfan52 moax429 17 months ago
JHP 17 months ago

all I WANT to remember is Pat Woodell
bagandwallyfan52 JHP 17 months ago
Pat Woodall Bobbi Jo 1
Lori Saunders Bobbi Jo2.
JHP bagandwallyfan52 17 months ago
would have loved to live in their zip code:)
bagandwallyfan52 JHP 17 months ago
DAPHNE (Hillary Horan ) on
Happy Days. I would have liked to
have lived in Daphnes zip code also
As well as the two Bobbi Jo's in
Hooterville. Daphne played the
Drums in Richies band after Bag and Sticks played the Drums and
before Chachi played the 🥁 Drums.
Being in Daisy's zip code in Hazzard
County from Dukes of Hazzard would also be great.
bagandwallyfan52 JHP 17 months ago
What happened to your comments?
Also when Pat Woodall played Bobbi Jo on Petticoat Junction the writers made her real smart.
When Lori Saunders played Bobbi
Jo her character seemed to be
Completely different .
bagandwallyfan52 JHP 17 months ago
Happy Birthday To Neil J. Schwartz
who played Bag on Happy Days .
November 14 2022
Born on November 14 1942.
Randolph Roberts who played
Chuck Cunningham 2 on Happy
Days Happy Birthday.
October 5 2022
October 5 1947
Randolph Roberts just turned 75.
Henry Winkler Fonzie also just had a birthday on October 30 2022.
Henry Winkler was born on October
30 1945.
rikkirat 17 months ago
6/10… haven’t watched seasons 1 or 2 since they aired originally. I wasn’t interested in the show until the goddess, Lori Saunders became Bobbie Jo Bradley.
bagandwallyfan52 rikkirat 17 months ago
Pat Woodell and Lori Saunders
Both Bobbi Jo s were both
goddesses. All 3 Billie Jo's
Jeannine Riley Gunilla Hutton
And Meredith MacRae were all
beautiful women.
The 2 Henrietta Plouts -
Susan Walther and Lynette Winter
Were also good looking.
Betty Jo Bradley (Linda Kaye Henning )is on a class by herself.
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