Who wore these costumes on Full House?

Which Tanner do these Halloween costumes belong to?

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From Michele, Stephanie and D.J. to Joey, Jesse and Danny, there were several Halloween costumes portrayed on Full House during its eight seasons. 

The Tanner family took Halloween, just like anything else family oriented and fun, very seriously. Even if it wasn't for Halloween, the Tanners dressed up pretty frequently. 

With so many people under one roof and so many costumes to go around, can you tell which costume belongs to which character? 

Good luck! 

  1. Who of "The Three Stooges" is in the red tie in this image?
  2. Who dressed up as the Joker on Halloween?
  3. Who dressed as The King of Rock and Roll?
  4. Which pair is behind the pumpkins in this photo?
  5. Who is in the blue dress (left) here?
  6. Who is in the pink (right) dress?
  7. Which Full House character wore this costume?
  8. Which Full House character wore this costume?
  9. Who was Batman one year?
  10. Who is behind the pumpkin in a bunny costume?
  11. Which Full House character wore this costume?

Who wore these costumes on Full House?

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Bad_Pizza 16 months ago
7/11 - Full House not my fav...
texasluva 16 months ago
6 out of 11. Never watched it. Went down the list and picked at random, names 🤷🏻‍♀️-
Steve67 16 months ago
Not doing this one, hate Full House
jtrain 16 months ago
10/11, got the last one wrong.
Maverick66 16 months ago
Don't know, don't care, not taking this quiz.
tmac1951 16 months ago
1/11, never watched, never cared, and I don’t see how anyone could recognize anybody with those pictures. Sadly, another show that does not belong on this network. Full House is about as classic as last nights meatloaf.
bsantaniello 16 months ago
7/11. I can’t recall a Halloween episode besides the one they were the three stooges.
bnjfrederick 16 months ago
The MASH star is Mary Wickes. She played Colonel Reece. She accused Frank Burns of rape
JeffPaul76 16 months ago
''You got 3 out of 11'' -------We know there's a lot of Tanners. Yeah, and I'm one of them. Were you able to guess their costumes correctly? ---NO, I got 1, 3, and 8 correct.
CaptainDunsel JeffPaul76 16 months ago
You're a Tanner? Cool!
Hey - What's up with Alf these days?!
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