Can you tell the difference between Wonder Woman episodes and Fleetwood Mac songs?

Put your Seventies pop culture knowledge to the test.

Stevie Nicks and Diana Prince have a lot in common. For starters, they can both rock a cape. The singer and the superhero were also major icons of the 1970s, what with Fleetwood Mac dominating the pop charts and Wonder Woman busting bad guys every week on television.

Which got us thinking… some Fleetwood Mac song titles sound like Wonder Woman episodes, and vice versa. Don't believe us? Try to pass this test.

We're looking for the EXACT titles. We say that, because, like we said, they have more in common than you might think. Good luck!
  1. "Gold Dust Woman"
  2. "The Man Who Made Volcanoes"
  3. "Landslide"
  4. "Sisters of the Moon"
  5. "Skateboard Wiz"
  6. "Disco Devil"
  7. "Amazon Hot Wax"
  8. "Songbird"
  9. "Screaming Javelin"
  10. "Sugar Daddy"
  11. "Woman of 1,000 Years"
  12. "Second Hand News"
  13. "Light-Fingered Lady"
  14. "The Queen and the Thief"
  15. "The Pied Piper"
  16. "Future Games"
  17. "Blue Letter"
  18. "Going, Going, Gone"
  19. "Heroes Are Hard to Find"
  20. "Last of the Two-Dollar Bills"
  21. "Bermuda Triangle"
  22. "I Do, I Do"

Can you tell the difference between Wonder Woman episodes and Fleetwood Mac songs?

Your Result...

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WonderGeorge 13 months ago
For me, it was 22 for 22.

If my memory serves me correctly - which it does, "The Man Who Made volcanoes" featured Roddy McDowall as the title character, while "The Last of the Two-Dollar Bills" was set during Wonder Woman time on ABC, when the series was set during the Second World War.
Joe 57 months ago
Hazel 63 months ago
17 thought I would have done better
DiscoDave 63 months ago
OMG Just 14 / 22 and i love Fleetwood Mac
Barry22 63 months ago
17/22, much tougher than I thought.
Greathera 63 months ago
Metv I love you with all my heart, but the answers you expect for questions 17-22 are incorrect.
MrsPhilHarris 63 months ago
13/22 Thought I would have done better.
teire 63 months ago
14/23. Lots of guesses. Wrong guesses mostly.
SheriHeffner 63 months ago
14 out of 22 It would have been 13 out of 22 But since I am a fan of South Park and the song Landslide was featured on one episode I guessed that question correctly. I am not Fleetwood Mac fan.
Hello SheriHeffner! So nice to meet a fellow non-FM fan. Originally, I wasn't going top take the quiz, because I have a tendency of getting questions right on subjects I'm not overly fond of. Specifically from the music category. Even more specifically Elvis and the Beach Boys. So out of curiosity, I took the quiz honestly, and put myself in the same mindset I do for any other METV quiz. Going by how I feel, what "sounds" logical, and from what little I do know of the subject matter. I ended up with 15/22. Not too shabby considering....!
Not a FM fan either. Never was.
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