Can you spot Lost in Space's ''Girl from the Green Dimension'' without her makeup?

Find this actress as a human on another classic series!


A Brooklyn native, Vitina Marcus won the title of Miss Bensonhurst in her youth. On the big screen, she appeared in The Lost World (1960), a sci-fi spectacular from the visionary Irwin Allen.

Marcus would make many appearances on television throughout the 1960s, notably on more shows produced by Allen. 

But she is probably best known as Athena, "The Girl from the Green Dimension," in that classic episode of Lost in Space. (She previously appeared as essentially the same character, albeit named "Lorelei," in the earlier episode "Wild Adventure.")

Marcus continued to appear at Lost in Space conventions. Think you can spot her without all that green paint? Keep guessing until you find her!

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  1. Which one of these actresses played Athena in ''The Girl from the Green Dimension''?

Can you spot Lost in Space's ''Girl from the Green Dimension'' without her makeup?

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Tresix 9 months ago
Got it on the first try! I mainly remember her as the Jungle Woman in the 1960 version of “The Lost World”. Probably second only to Raquel Welch in a fur bikini!
Peter_Falk_Fan 40 months ago
First try. The eyebrows gave her away.
tsgabel 47 months ago
Got it right first try. I couldn't have told you her name, but I'm pretty good at faces.
DJS3 47 months ago
It looks as if Star Trek and Star Wars don't hold a monopoly in tripping me up with green girls! 🤷‍♂️😜
libbyshults1957 47 months ago
Yay! First pick! Lost in Space was my absolute favorite growing up. I still watch.
Debbie 47 months ago
Took me 5 tries to get the correct one
Honeybunch99 47 months ago
I love MTV for the childhood TV programs
bewest169 48 months ago
Having the hots for Doctor Smith wow
mslawrence 48 months ago
Yay! I got it right❤️❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Voyage_Lover_32 48 months ago
Yeah! First try! I saw her on VttBotS so I recognized her immediately!
texasluva 48 months ago
Sunday is Fun Day. Throwing out a mixture of music, themes and movie scenes. You may if you wish tell me which ones you like or even dread.
Here we have the Lost In Space main Themes used during the run of episodes. Which one do you like the best?


Yes! It's Hotel California by the Eagles.


Get 3 coffins ready. You upset my mule. So if you were to apologize. Oh did I say 3 make that 4 coffins.


I can see for miles and miles and miles................THE WHO.......


There is a creature alive today. It is as if God created the Devil. Yikes.


The Animals-House of the Rising Sun-HD.
texasluva 48 months ago
This comment has been removed.
TexasGreek texasluva 48 months ago
Sunday late afternoon/evening always created anxiety for me. I knew what Monday was going to bring and I started tensing up before it even started. It took a lot of discipline to stop that anxiety. Friday night and Saturday were/are my days!!
texasluva stephaniestavr5 48 months ago
Okay. Though most see it as a Adventure, Thriller. There are many parts that are a crack up. The tall tales and showing off of ones scars captured through their part fictional careers (trying to One-upmanship one another). Most was nervous laughter knowing full well what was most likely to happen to the next poor sap (on Jaws next hit list). I held back my laughter when the last victim was quaffed down in a few wiggly moments by Jaws. Classic yes. Not exactly Abbott and Costello Meet Jaws
texasluva TexasGreek 48 months ago
I hear ya. I had in mind to put the entertainment on Saturday but was busy on something else. Went with Sunday because it is so quiet here. Almost like a Ghost Town on weekends. Any weary MeTV travelers showing up could just kick back and temporarily get rid of their doldrums coming up on Mondays.
HopeDuchaine 48 months ago
I looked at the cheek bones and eyes; that is why I picked the right one.
BrentwoodJon 48 months ago
I think she was a Indian on Gunsmoke couple of times.
Once with Sgt. Carter on Gunsmoke that is.
Allison 48 months ago
Got it first try! Have no idea who she is - never saw her before.
Allison 48 months ago
This comment has been removed.
JZ6030 48 months ago
You picked the right actress!

Well done! That is indeed Vitina Marcus. She was on Gunsmoke, as seen here!

The only reason I got this on one try is that she was in a very dramatic Gunsmoke episode, she played an Indian woman married to a white man and at the end she cuts off 2 of her fingers to mourn her dead husband. I had never heard or seen her in anything else. Very beautiful though. 😍
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