If you could only watch one classic TV show for the rest of your life, which would it be?

What would be your ''desert island'' choice?

Thanks to MeTV fan Augustine Tedesco from Winter Park, Florida, for submitting this quiz idea! Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

Television fans often debate what shows they simply could not live without. For example, if you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one show to watch, which one would you choose?

We've made it a little easier by breaking down all of classic TV into twelve categories. Pick which series in each genre would be the only one you would want to watch for the rest of your life.

  1. If you could only choose one to watch for the rest of your life, which sitcom would you choose?
  2. Which of these would be the one western you would choose?
  3. Which detective show would you choose?
  4. Which family drama would you want to watch on your island?
  5. Which sketch comedy show would you choose?
  6. Which sci-fi or horror show could you not go without?
  7. Which classic legal drama would you need with you on your desert island?
  8. Which talk show would you choose?
  9. Which action show would you want to watch for the rest of your life?
  10. Which superhero show would you watch on your island?
  11. Which musical variety show would you choose?
  12. Which of these far out, sixties fantasy shows would be your pick for the desert island?

If you could only watch one classic TV show for the rest of your life, which would it be?

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HopeDuchaine 24 hours ago
88% similar. I wish I could pick all of the show's: The Munsters,etc.
Pilaf 1 day ago
I would LOVE to see "I Married Joan" on ME TV!
moax429 Pilaf 22 hours ago
It's on MeTV's sister channel Decades.
ebonylegolis55 1 day ago
I love Metv, it takes me back to when life was fun and easier.
lgbyrne1129 1 day ago
I went with long-running programs and ones I’ve seen way too often but still enjoy.
MadMadMadWorld 2 days ago
#12, '60s Far-out Fantasy shows reported: Bewitched at 36%, The Munsters at 27%, I Dream of Jeannie at 20%, and The Addams Family at 17%. I voted for "I Dream of Jeannie." How many men would turn down the exquisite, sexy Barbara Eden? Her only real competition was Elizabeth Montgomery on "Bewitched." Jeannie's costumes were absolutely gorgeous on her, while I don't recall seeing Samantha in a comparable, however lovely she also was!
RichardMartin 2 days ago
My all time favorite is MASH “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.”
Darlin 2 days ago
I wish my channel that carries this out of Tallahassee would get the dang station back on as I'm really missing MeTV
Darlin 2 days ago
Who the heck watches Ed Sullivan. I used to leave the room if he was on
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raustin2008 Darlin 1 day ago
No one can be liked by everyone I guess. Me, I watched the show for the guests more than the host. The Beatles, Stones, Doors etc...
texasluva Darlin 1 day ago
Its not all about Ed. He introduces guests. Had the best of entertainment on TV in those times. Beatles, Stones, The Animals, most all the singers with hit songs of the year, Circus entertainers, comedy, Ed was it, period. Who watched it? Millions. So the Who is you. The rest of Us is the millions. I guess its the eye of the beholder. No one has to like anything in life.
👏...Well said.
Angela raustin2008 20 hours ago
Yes! In those days, that was one of the only places we could see our 60's idols, even if he did make the Stones change their lyrics... "Lets' spend some TIME together..." I still remember Mick Jagger's expression when he had to sing that. LOL! Ed Sullivan could make and break careers.
JKMallaber 2 days ago
72% similar. I'm thinking they could have added another question:

Which controversial (for its time) sitcom would you want?

A. All in the family
B. Maude
C. The Jefferson's
D. Good Times
A...All in the Family 😉
Agree - All In The Family
cubacat 2 days ago
Hogan's Heroes. Never tire of Schultz and Klink
stephaniestavr5 2 days ago
Below I mentioned that what I would want to view would be my home movies, photos and slides. I also mentioned I do have a list. But my list is made up of shows the majority of you would have never heard of/seen, unless you grew in the Chicago/Chicagoland area:
B.J. Dirty Dragon/Gigglesnort Hotel/I.N.K. {Interesting News For Kids. There was a woman/girl on there, I think her name was Suzy. She talked to puppets that looked like a microphone, {"Mike R. Phone."} A spider and I think a hamburger. Plus, if I remember right, there were news stories for kids. I've only seen one clip from this show, I saw it on Fuzzymemories.com[.tv.] It was from a Christmas special. It might have been, come to think of it, an ABC channel 7 special, because "famed" news anchor Fahey Flynn was the host.
Continuing: Garfield Goose & Friends/Ray Rayner & Friends. {Loved that white duck Chelveston! Especially when he would chase and at times nip Ray!} Last but not least, This one most will know of this show, as each "major market" had their own version: Bozo's Circus. The one in Chicago was the most popular, not only in terms of how long it ran. {It was the last being filmed-think it ended in 2000,} when all the others stopped. But it was literally the "hottest ticket in town." People had to wait years to get tickets. This show holds a special place in my heart, because back in 1966, I was one of the lucky ones to get to go see the show; w/original cast. {Including Ray Rayner "moonlighting" as the clown Oliver O. Oliver.} My kindergarten class was lucky enough and we went and saw it! One of the boys was picked to play the Grand Prize Game! Local talk shows: Daytime Lee Phillips Show, {before she moved out west w/daytime sudser creator/husband Bill Bell: Y&R B&B.}
Nighttime: Kup's Show. Hosted by Sun-Times Entertainment Columnist, Irv Kupcinet. That was THE talk show to be on in Chicago.
I like a bunch of the shows on the quiz, but they are all mainstream. Local shows aren't viewed by quite as many people To me, they mean more because it's special when you "run into" someone who are familiar/grew up with the same ones you did. But it's also good to know, that there are people out there who also like the same "mainstream shows as you."
ASperos 2 days ago
I couldn’t stand it without Andy Griffith!!!!
Charlotte 2 days ago
Thank goodness we have MeTV because all the shows today are not worth watching!! It's the classics that keep me going.
Ain't that the truth! 👏
Hogansucks1 Charlotte 2 days ago
Same with the music too !😬
Angela Charlotte 20 hours ago
I don't know if today's shows are worth watching because I never watch any of them.
FrankCollins 3 days ago
There were a few questions where I needed the answer, "None of the above".
dris2001 3 days ago
My favorite show of all time is The Twilight Zone. The stories are full how people act and react in a multitude of situations.
BUC252 3 days ago
I wouldn't watch most of this rubbish, and the poll maker missed some of the best shows on TV. Westerns should have included Laramie and wagon Train, police shows are useless without including Adam-12.... the only one who had a decent answer (MASH) was the first question. After that, I quit.
Vee BUC252 2 days ago
The shows listed are NOT rubbish
LadyAgnes 3 days ago
The Waltons would be the one show I would watch if I only had the one choice. It was so warm and loving. They have problems but they backed each other up with love and concern. It was always the family I wanted to have
robert LadyAgnes 3 days ago
When John was offered 25k for Walton's Mountain he should of taken it and moved to Rockfish so the kids would have jobs and stayed.
Vee robert 2 days ago
I wouldn't have sold Walton's Mountain for all the money in the world
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