Which TV kids grew up and married these characters?

They grow up so fast.


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Nothing pulls in viewers like a wedding episode. Sitcoms and dramas have been marrying folks for ratings for decades.

Sometimes, these unions are the ultimate sign that the kids have all grown up. Which is why TV weddings are so common in finales and reunions.

We've gathered the significant others of some memorable television children. See if you can match these brides and grooms to the correct characters!

  1. Who married Joanie Cunningham?
  2. He eventually married Lori Beth Allen.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  3. He would go on to marry Zelda Gilroy, eventually.
  4. He would get hitched to Alice Harper in "Forever."
  5. She married the singing aviator Steve Elliott.
  6. Who married Cindy Brunson?
  7. He would grow up and marry Mary Ellen Rogers.
  8. Who married Sally Ann Morrison?
  9. Which 'Facts of Life' girl got hitched to Rick Bonner?
     Image: Sony Pictures Television
  10. Finally, who tried to elope with Nick Moore in the two-part episode "Mrs. Wrong"?
     Image: The Everett Collection

Which TV kids grew up and married these characters?

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72doug 2 months ago
9/10! number 9 ruined my perfect score.
EllisClevenger 40 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Win or lose, you deserve a piece of cake.
Missed #4
DJS3 46 months ago
Many were outright guesses.

Number 2 choice: Opie Taylor. I see what did there, MeTV! Nice try!
FatOlBroad 47 months ago
10/10. Damn!
Win or lose, you deserve a piece of cake.
randalllong100 47 months ago
Alice Harper was one of Andy Taylors old flames in the episode where he and Helen and Howard and Alice go to her parents old cabin for the weekend
JewelsChuck 47 months ago
9/10 I got #4 wrong...pretty good!
pattysdaughter 47 months ago
9 out of 10 missed jo vs Blair. Did not know Wally married Mary Ellen Rodgers. My heart sank there for a moment . I think I must have had a crush on him in the day. Did some one mention cake?
Vee 47 months ago
10/10 - that was a surprise
jtimlick 47 months ago
8/10 includes 2 guesses which I got wrong. Lol
MrBill 47 months ago
8/10; missed #4 and #9 - I never knew Little Joe got married on the series since I seldom watched and I do not remember Jo marrying on the Facts of Life.
radar 47 months ago
9 it of 10 correct. 4 were lucky guesses
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