Can you pass this True / False quiz about 'A Very Brady Christmas'?

How well do you remember this Very Eighties holiday movie?

Mike had a mustache. Greg had a mustache. The walls were pastel. In case you couldn't tell, A Very Brady Christmas reunited America's favorite blended family in the middle of the awesome 1980s.

The made-for-TV movie was a huge hit, as fans got to see how all the kids grew up. And they are going through some very adult troubles. Of course, the spirit of the holidays cures all!

See how well you remember the plot from this reunion special! Good luck — and happy holidays!

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  1. Mike and Carol are now living a new house.
  2. Jennifer Runyon plays Jan Brady, who fans called "Fake Jan."
  3. This is Wally, Marcia's husband.
  4. Marcia has two sons.
  5. Peter is dating his boss.
  6. Mike wants to surprise Carol with a trip to Japan.
  7. Mike and Carol have adopted a new child, Beverly.
  8. Greg is now a lawyer.
  9. Marcia's husband gets fired from his job at a toy company.
  10. Jan and her husband, Philip, are happily married and expecting a child.
  11. Alice is still living with Mike and Carol and working as their housekeeper.
  12. Mike gets trapped inside a collapsed building.
  13. Bobby is now a race car driver.
  14. Carol sings "O Come, All Ye Faithful," just like she did in the original Brady Bunch episode "The Voice of Christmas."
  15. Mike dresses up as Santa Claus in the end.

Can you pass this True / False quiz about 'A Very Brady Christmas'?

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Lillyrose 8 months ago
10 out of 15. The Brady Bunch TV show is a lot better than the Brady Bunch movies.
Mob39 10 months ago
You got 15 out of 15

It's a Christmas miracle! Well done!
jwj 10 months ago
12/15 it's been awhile since I have seen that one, but did get to meet Barry Williams 3 different times and got a box set of DVDs autographed, he was a very nice guy
Terrence 10 months ago
I better pass this quiz as much as I watched the Whole Blooming Brady Bunch
Mob39 10 months ago
Didn’t care for the Cindy Character on the Christmas special. Too bad the actress that played Cindy wasn’t available.
JERRY6 10 months ago
11 of 15 , not bad as i only watched a few minutes of the movie
AdrianeHarris 10 months ago
9 out of 15, wonk wonk...👽👽👽
goth1 10 months ago
I got them all right 15 out of 15
WordsmithWorks 10 months ago
Just saw this and I have a continuity question. If I remember correctly, each sibling were one year apart, alternating from boy to girl. So the age gap between Greg and Cindy would be five years. So that would mean Bobby was in his first semester of grad school when he decided to quit (it was the holiday season). Cindy is a college senior, which makes sense. But if Greg is a practicing doctor, he is at least eight years out of undergrad (four years med school, three years residency, then some time in his specialty (which appears to be OB-GYN). So that would be a minimum of eight years. Since Cindy is still in college, how much older is Greg?
DawnGraham WordsmithWorks 10 months ago
When the show started Cindy was supposed to be 6yrs old and Greg was supposed to be 13. So 7 yrs difference, but they occasionally bent the age to fit the plot.
WordsmithWorks DawnGraham 10 months ago
Thanks for the explanation. Greg would have to have been 13 to explain his graduating high school five years later. Cindy definitely seemed younger that eight when the show started, so six makes sense. Still, Greg having his own practice fresh out of residency seems far-fetched. But as you pointed out, they did bend the time continuum sometimes.
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