How well do you remember the Christmas episode of The Brady Bunch?

Now this is what we call a Christmas Carol.

In "The Voice of Christmas," the Brady Bunch is spending its first holiday season together as a family. There is just one problem — Carol comes down with an ailment that puts a damper on the joy of the season. Until a little Christmas (or medical) magic can happen.

It remains one of the most charming Christmas episodes of all time. 

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  1. What gift did Mike buy for Carol — which he later goes to return?
  2. What is wrong with Carol?
  3. Does Carol want the Christmas tree to stay in the entry hall?
  4. Cindy asks for the meaning of a word. What word does she not know?
  5. What is Alice cooking up on the stove?
  6. Which Brady kid sits on Santa's lap?
  7. Cindy asks this boy in line what his name is. What does he say to her?
  8. What does Cindy want from Santa for Christmas?
  9. There's an Andy Griffith Show actor in that Santa costume. Which character does he play in Mayberry?
  10. Who does Alice find under Mike and Carol's bed?
  11. Who is the first to sneak downstairs in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve?
  12. What carol does Carol sing in church?
  13. What is Cindy writing at the end of the episode?

How well do you remember the Christmas episode of The Brady Bunch?

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texasluva 11 months ago
Friday Night At The Movies------

A Week In Prime-Time TV: May 16-22, 1964--

Safety Dance - Glee Cast Version (Dance Video)--

"You Did Kill Claire Daley. Didn’t you, Sir?" | Columbo---

What's My Line? - Edward G. Robinson (1962, TV Show)--

A Christmas Story (1983)- 1 hr 33 min- Comedy-- Family-
Bob Clark
Peter Billingsley---Melinda Dillon---Darren McGavin--
Scott Schwartz-

A Guy Named Joe- (1943) 2 hr-Drama--Romance-- War
A dead World War II bomber pilot, Pete Sandidge becomes the guardian angel of another pilot, Ted Randall. He guides Ted through battle and helping him to romance his old girlfriend, despite her excessive devotion to Sandidge's memory. One of those awesome 1940's movies.
Victor Fleming
Spencer Tracy---Irene Dunne---Van Johnson---Ward Bond-
Esther Williams---Don DeFore---Lionel Barrymore-

Flight of the Phoenix (1965) -2 hr 22 min- Adventure-Drama-
Robert Aldrich
James Stewart---Richard Attenborough---Peter Finch---Hardy Krüger-
Ernest Borgnine---Dan Duryea---George Kennedy-

Falling Down (1993)- 1 hr 52 min- Action- Crime- Drama-
Joel Schumacher
Michael Douglas---Robert Duvall---Barbara Hershey---Tuesday Weld
An ordinary man frustrated with the various flaws he sees in society begins to psychotically and violently lash out against them.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.
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MrsPhilHarris texasluva 11 months ago
Omg Elizabeth Taylor on What’s My Line! She was funny! Love that show! Thanks for posting it. 😁
Moverfan MrsPhilHarris 7 months ago
The Game Show Network used to have an hour of what they called Black & White Overnight about ten or fifteen years ago--it was generally an episode of What's Mt Line paired with I've Got A Secret or The Name's The Sa or sometimes two episodes of What's My Line [it was on at three am, so thank God for VCRs!]. In the course of one summer, I saw both the first episode they did after Fred Allen passed away and the first episode after Dorothy Killgallen passed. Both times I made a mental note to buy and send a nice sympathy card the next time I ran errands...only to remember some ten minutes later that it would arrive some forty or fifty years too late! [Hey, I meant well...]
MrsPhilHarris Moverfan 7 months ago
Oh that would have been great! Love those shows. Dorothy Kilgallen died under mysterious circumstances. Some say she was writing a story on JFK’s assassination. She had an interesting life. She had a child with a singer while still married to her husband.
Former father-in-law. Her maiden name was Stoppelmoore (not sure I've speled it right, though).
purplegirl20 11 months ago
13/13 Love the Brady Bunch, haven't seen it in years but this was my favorite episode.
Pastorgman 11 months ago
13/13 - Not unlucky with this quiz!
SheriHeffner 11 months ago
13 out of 13. I love this episode.
grandpa5741 11 months ago
8/13 I love me some Carol Brady, Hot Mama👍
hendrix5658 11 months ago
Remember, don’t play ball in the house
MeowMix 11 months ago
Perfect score as I’ve seen this episode a million times. ZI have sung in church and community choirs for a long time and I was baffled as to why she needed so much rehearsal to sing that song that she lost her voice. Most if us can sing that in our sleep.
JustGeri 11 months ago
A Baker’s Dozen! I would’ve been ashamed if I had gotten any wrong. These were all easy for me as I’ve watched every time it’s on, live or later after recorded. I was bummed they never had another Christmas episode. And the speech that Alice gives to all the kids at the bottom of the steps toward the end of the episode and she gets all sniffly, very smaltzy, but very sweet.
Maverick66 11 months ago
7/13. Obviously haven't seen this episode in a while.
KJExpress 11 months ago
9/13. Well, it's been a while. 🤷‍♀️
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