Can you guess which TV characters attended these fictional schools?

It's time to go back to school! (Fake school.)

It's time to go back to school! Don't panic. We're only talking about fictional schools — and the only pop quiz you have to take is about television! 


Sitcoms typically center around families. TV families typically have kids. Children have to go to school. That means we have seen dozens of characters attend school. 

Below, you will find pennants for some high schools and junior high schools seen on television. Try to find the correct students who attended them!

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  1. Which character attended Mayberry Union High School?
  2. Pick a character who attended Fillmore Junior High.
  3. Which character attended Jefferson High School?
  4. Pick the character who attended Hooterville High School.
  5. Which of the following TV kids attended the Eastland School?
  6. Pick a kid you would find in class at Mayfield High School.
  7. Which of the following students attended James Buchanan High School?
  8. Find the kid who attended Robert F. Kennedy Junior High School.
  9. Which sitcom character attended Lanford High School?
  10. Which sitcom kid went to DiMaggio Junior High School?
  11. Pick the character that gave a commencement speech at Aaron Burr High School in 1967.

Can you guess which TV characters attended these fictional schools?

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RobCertSDSCascap 44 months ago
10/11. No clue on #10, but couldn't imagine Dimaggio being on the
West Coast.
Glenn 45 months ago
10/11. Ooops on Full House.
EllisClevenger 46 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
How did you do? Did you fit in with the cool kids?
bringbackWKRP 46 months ago
07 for 11. Not a good score but a good quiz. Please consider bringing back WKRP after Labor Day.
coreycocoa bringbackWKRP 45 months ago
YES PLEASE! I love that show.
MrBill 46 months ago
10/11; missed #10 - I did not remember the school name from Full House.
moax429 46 months ago
11/11. Guessed on 5, 8, 10, and 11.

What? No Bayside High ("Saved by the Bell") or San Pueblo High ("The Partridge Family")? Surely, I thought there would be questions about them.
anthony 46 months ago
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