Can you guess this obscure 1990 sitcom from all the celebrities that were on it?

Which flop comedy featured both Jennifer Aniston and Cloris Leachman?


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There were loads of new sitcoms that launched in the early Nineties. Some went on to become massive hits. Others flopped. The stars below appeared on one of the latter. Well, in this case. They were talented enough to find success elsewhere.

See how many clues and guesses it takes until you can name the correct sitcom. Yes, every single title listed below was a real sitcom around that time.

In one of her earliest major roles, Jennifer Aniston played the sister! 


Did that clue alone give you the answer? Take a guess below!

How about this? Television icon Cloris Leachman played the grandmother!


Figure it out yet?

Carla Gugino — who would later become a movie star in the Spy Kids franchise, Sin City and Watchmen — played the best friend's girlfriend! 


Still stumped?

Comedy legend Dick Martin, as in the Martin of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, plays a dead car salesman who haunts a 1962 Corvette!


Perhaps this will offer a clue?

Rap superstar Tone Loc turns up to perform his No. 3 Billboard smash "Funky Cold Medina" at a house party!


One last hint!

Notre Dame basketball coach and NCAA analyst Digger Phelps turns up in the main character's bedroom to offer advice.


Okay, fine. One more big hint: This sitcom was inspired by a movie.

Can you find the correct answer?

  1. Which one-season sitcom featured all these celebrities?

Can you guess this obscure 1990 sitcom from all the celebrities that were on it?

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Mark 10 months ago
I suspected Ferris Bueller from the beginning, thanks to the mention of Jennifer Aniston, and I was correct! Even though I watched the show, I don't remember any of those other folks being on it, though.
JDnHuntsvilleAL 40 months ago
Yes, the first clue DID give it to me.
Corey 59 months ago
I remember Jennifer Aniston had Jennifer Grey's role.
A_Fools_Tale 59 months ago
Got it wrong. Never heard of any of these TV shows, aside from Weird Science.
cperrynaples 59 months ago
Anybody see when Ron Burgundy told Stephen Colbert that the big story of 2019 was the Ferris Bueller report...LMAO!!!
BrittReid 60 months ago
Got it right, due to a young Jennifer.
anthony 60 months ago
Also a lot of theses flops were attempts to cash in on them being hits as movies.
Lucyneenah19701 60 months ago
I guessed “Parenthood.” I watched the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” but I never watched the T.V. Show “Ferris Bueller.”
JeffTanner 60 months ago
''You got it wrong.'' -----------Perhaps you had something in your eye?
UnicornPrincess 60 months ago
Got it on the first try! Never even seen it. ;)
JerryWithers 60 months ago
Charlie Schlatter also provided the voice of Ace Bunny in Loonatics Unleashed.
cperrynaples 60 months ago
Figured it out early! Jennifer Aniston got it down to Ferris Bueller or Molloy [Fun Fact: The title character on the latter was Mayim Bialik pre-Blossom!]! Strangely, both Parenthood and Uncle Buck were revived in the 2010's with different casts. Parker Lewis was essentially a Beuller knock-off, but lasted 3 seasons, while Bueller lasted only 13 weeks! Surprizingly, Ben Stein NEVER appeared in the Bueller series ["Bueller? Bueller?"]!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 60 months ago
PS Fun Followup: Jennifer Aniston played the role originated by Jennifer Grey! Years later when Rachel walked out of her wedding in the Friends pilot, her ex went on to marry...Jennifer Grey!!
I figured out the answer from the question under Jennifer's photo. But I still scrolled down to see if it was listed. Had to make sure!
Yes, Jennifer was a sister on Bueller and a stepsister on Molloy. In fact,she did quite a few series BEFORE Friends!
daDoctah cperrynaples 59 months ago
Another sort-of knock-off of Bueller around that time was "The Famous Teddy Z", in which Jon Cryer played a Hollywood agent.
cperrynaples daDoctah 59 months ago
Not really, although I do remember when Cryer was considered Matthew Broderick's evil twin! Fun Fact: Cryer played Lex Luther's nephew in Superman 4, 3 decades before playing Lex on Supergirl!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 10 months ago
Another Fun Fact: In the '80's, Cryer did a horrible Ferris knockoff called Morgan Stewart's Coming Home! And would you believe he was ALMOST Chandler on Friends?
teire 60 months ago
Got it before I even saw the options, have never seen the movie all the way thru or the show at all but something in my brain clicked as I got to the last few clues.
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