Can you guess what sent these classic sitcom characters to the hospital?

These shows made us wonder, "What's up, doc?"

Practically all of our favorite sitcoms took us to the hospital at some point. It just makes sense, after all. Even the healthiest people get sick sometimes.

It was never meant to trouble audiences, but simply prove that folksy lore: Laughter is the best medicine. By the end of each episode, you could always count on each character to be cured and a valuable  lesson to be learned.

Think you can remember why your favorite characters wound up in the hospital on classic sitcoms like Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, The Odd Couple and more? Stop by and visit each character's hospital room in the quiz below. We'll be pulling for you!
  1. Here's an easy one to start. Why did Lucy Ricardo have to be dropped off at the hospital on 'I Love Lucy'?
  2. Why did this doctor have to pay a house visit to Beaver on 'Leave It to Beaver'?
  3. What happened to Sam that landed him in the hospital on 'Cheers'?
  4. A doctor paid Cindy a house visit, too, on 'The Brady Bunch.' Why?
  5. Fonzie ended up in the children's ward of the hospital on 'Happy Days' because what was ailing him?
  6. Felix and Oscar end up as hospital mates on 'The Odd Couple,' each suffering from unique conditions. What was wrong?
  7. Lou has an operation to remove what unusual item from his leg on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'?
  8. On 'Taxi,' Louie experiences sharp pangs and the gang decides he ought to have it checked out. What was hurting him?
  9. Why on earth did Mama end up in a wheelchair on 'Mama's Family'? Well, she got hit on the head with a:
  10. Ed has a real scare in a classic episode of 'The Honeymooners' and is sent to the hospital after what happened?
Can you guess what sent these classic sitcom characters to the hospital?

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