Your taste in TV characters reveals if you're the oldest, middle or youngest sibling

Make tough choices between TV's best-loved siblings.

Here, we think we can figure out your birth order based on which characters you like the most on some of TV's biggest hit sitcoms. 

Some of the characters in this quiz are blood relatives, others adopted siblings, and others simply friends whose bond made them practically family. 

Below, make your choices among TV's best siblings, and see if we can determine if you're the oldest, middle or youngest sibling in your own family clan.
  1. Let's start off with a tough choice regarding some of TV's most famous siblings. Which of these Brady Bunch characters do you like the most?
  2. Now pick a side between one of TV's favorite bickering roommates. Which half of The Odd Couple do you like best?
  3. Fonzie was basically part of the Cunningham family. Which Happy Days character is your favorite?
  4. Here's another tough choice between TV siblings. Which Leave It to Beaver brother do you like best?
  5. On The Facts of Life, these girls had to learn to band together. Which character do you like best?
  6. The Facts of Life was a spin-off from Diff'rent Strokes, where we watched these adopted siblings grow up so fast. Which Diff'rent Strokes sibling do you like best?
  7. On Petticoat Junction, these sisters navigate life's ups and downs together. Which sister do you like best?
  8. ALF became almost like a brother to Lynn and Brian on the '80s sitcom. Which ALF character do you like best?
  9. On The Addams Family, these siblings were known to occasionally literally torture each other. Which sibling is your favorite?
  10. Zack, Screech and Slater were sometimes rivals, always friends on Saved By the Bell. Which character do you like best?
Your taste in TV characters reveals if you're the oldest, middle or youngest sibling

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