Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1962?

Lucy, Dobie, Ozzie, Fred, Barney, Bugs, Beaver, Perry, Dennis… oh, the options!

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You may not have a remote, but you have control. That's right, it's time to play "What Would You Watch?".

The year is 1962, and the TV schedule is packed with classics. The only problem is, you have to get up and turn a knob to change the channel. So you might as well settle on one.

Let's go through the listings and see what's on. Pick the show you'd want to watch and see how your selections stack up against the others. There's no way to lose here!
  1. What's that smell? Pot roast. Time for Sunday dinner. What is the whole clan watching on TV at 8:30 after cleaning their plates?
  2. Monday night, and your homework is done. What are you watching as a reward at 8:30?
  3. Tuesday night is full of cowboys and soldiers. What are you watching at 7:30PM?
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  4. Wednesday evening has arrived. Might as well watch some more TV. Turn the knob to one of these three at 8:30.
  5. Park yourself on the sofa for Thursday night. It's riddled with gems. First, pick something at 7:30. Are you going with horses, comedy… or a comedic horse?
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  6. Okay, now for the next hour on Thursday. What's on at 8:30?
  7. Wrap up your Thursday viewing with one of these at 9:30.
  8. Friday night, 8:30. Does Mitch Miller and his big band stand a chance against yabba-dabba-doo?
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  9. Saturday morning! It's not just for cartoons. What's on at noon?
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  10. Nothing good at the drive-in on a Saturday night, so we're staying in. Pick a channel at 9:00.
  11. We're back on a Sunday again, later in the year. This time it's meatloaf. What's on the tube?
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  12. Finally, it's not just Monday morning, it's the last day of the year — New Year's Eve! What's on at 4PM?
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Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1962?

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RickeyMulkey 9 months ago
I got 50% similar. But I can tell you this, I watch most of these.
DerekBird 9 months ago
60% similar
60% similar to the most popular responses
EricFuller 21 months ago
65% similar. BTW. Dennis the Menace was on CBS. Not ABC.
WILD 21 months ago
60% similar
60% similar to the most popular responses.
Considering I wasn't born until 1964, this is more of an If I was alive and our household had more than one TV, this would be what I would watch.

idkwut2use 21 months ago
65% similar
65% similar to the most popular responses
Runeshaper 26 months ago
74% similar
74% similar to the most popular responses
ndebrabant 31 months ago

45% similar
45% similar to the most popular responses
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