Fan quiz: How well do you remember these I Love Lucy episodes?

Only expert fans can guess these guest stars, plot points and behind-the-scenes tidbits!


Thanks to MeTV fan Butch Lyles from Shreveport, Louisiana, who wrote and submitted this quiz! Do you have a great quiz idea? Share it with us!

Are you an I Love Lucy superfan? Do you remember all the best scenes and how they played out? Have you seen all 181 episodes? If the answer is "Yes" to any of these questions, then this is the quiz for you!

Here are 20 questions that test your knowledge of iconic moments, frequent guest stars and trivia facts from behind the scenes.

  1. What was the name of the clown in "The Audition"?
  2. In “The Seance,” Jay Novello played the role of Mr. Merriweather, a firm believer in the supernatural. What other character(s) did Novello play?
  3. “Lucy Does A TV Commercial" has the now iconic scene of Lucy getting tipsy after drinking “Vitameatavegamin,” but what was really in the bottle?
  4. "The Freezer" was episode 29 of the first season but was the very first episode to credit Desi Arnaz as what?
  5. In "Lucy Plays Cupid" Bea Benaderet plays the neighbor, Miss Lewis. What relationship did Bea Benaderet have with Lucy and Desi prior to this episode?
  6. Lucy gets a trophy meant for real-life jockey Johnny Longden stuck on her head in "Lucy and the Loving Cup." How did they get it off of Lucy’s head?
  7. In "The Young Fans," teenager Arthur Morton proclaims his love for Lucy. What movie did that same actor later star in?
  8. In the iconic episode "Job Switching," Lucy and Ethel get jobs while Ricky and Fred do housework. In the end, how do the boys beg the girls’ forgiveness?
  9. Lucy wants to join Ricky's band and play the title instrument in "The Saxophone." Was that really her playing?
  10. "Never Do Business with Friends" sees the Ricardos selling the Mertzes a washing machine. There’s one little logistical error with this story line. What is it?
  11. In “California, Here We Come,” Kathryn Card plays Lucy's mother, Mrs. Magillicuddy. Card previously appeared as what character?
  12. The season 4 episode "The Hedda Hopper Story" was the first one sponsored by which cigarette brand?
  13. In "Lucy and John Wayne," Lucy and Ethel steal Wayne's cement footprints from in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. John Wayne himself resolves the issue by doing what?
  14. In "The Passports," Lucy can't get her birth certificate from her hometown of Jamestown, NY. Why couldn’t she find her certificate?
  15. In "Paris at Last," Lucy buys a painting from a French street artist, played by Shepard Menken. Did Menken appear in other episodes, too?
  16. "Lucy's Italian Movie" contains a classic grape-throwing brawl, but the fight was completely choreographed down to the tiniest detail to assure Lucy wouldn’t be injured.
  17. The title “Little Ricky Learns to Play the Drums” says it all, but how did the producers manage to teach 5-year-old Keith Thibodeaux to play?
  18. In "Lucy and Superman," George Reeves, as the superhero, effortlessly pushes a heavy piano. How was this accomplished?
  19. The Ricardos are moving and all their furniture gets stuck in the Mertzes' apartment in "Lucy Hates to Leave." What happens at the end?
  20. In "The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue," Lucy tries to replace the statue herself after it gets shattered. How does it break in the first place?

Fan quiz: How well do you remember these I Love Lucy episodes?

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JERRY6 32 months ago
12 of 20 , not bad as i did not watch the show that often
JERRY6 44 months ago
14 of 20 not a passing grade , but good enough
jerseyguy2468 45 months ago
You got 17 out of 20
Did you pick up everything in this quiz?
MarciaHoerner 47 months ago
I don’t get the question about Shepherd Menken! He Was one of the salesmen in the episode “ Lucy becomes a sculpturess.
PINKYLEE MarciaHoerner 47 months ago
Right you are, Marcia. I totally overlooked that detail when I was writing that question.

Kudos to your sharp eye.

UPDATE: I contacted METV and had answer B changed. Again, thank you for your very sharp eye.
EllisClevenger 48 months ago
You got 16 out of 20
Did you pick up everything in this quiz?
Missed #3, #10, #15, and #17.
Josie 48 months ago
I missed getting to see that episode and I got most of them correct just guessing

I got them all correct I have. Everything Lucy in my house

JewelsChuck 48 months ago
I bombed on this one...9 out of 20. 🙄
ELEANOR 48 months ago
I, per se, don't really remember any episodes, but I know my mother watched every one so the theme song is practically inserted in my DNA!!
Catman 48 months ago
I love the show but you wouldn't know it from my 11/20 score. Fun anyway!
Craigg 48 months ago
You got 18 out of 20
Did you pick up everything in this quiz?
idkwut2use 48 months ago
Ooh, 16...thought I’d get an easy 20. x-p
MrsPhilHarris 48 months ago
14/20 Thought I would have done better.
ncadams27 48 months ago
Number 12 is wrong. Phillip Morris was their first sponsor. An executive from that company wanted the show produced live in New York. This led to Desi devising a way to film the series in California instead of doing it live.
cperrynaples ncadams27 48 months ago
True! Lucy and Desi didn't want to leave California and also wanted to take care of baby Lucie! BTW, anyone see Lucie as the candy foreperson on Will & Grace?
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