Expect Molly Turgiss to do these 5 things when she visits Hooterville

'The Ballad of Molly Turgiss' continues to live on in Hooterville!

There's a pretty well-known spooky legend that lives on in the small, quiet town of Hooterville. The "you know who" of the town is the one and only Molly Turgiss. (Cue something breaking.) 

Ran out of Hooterville years ago because of her looks, her spirit is brought back to life when Oliver Douglas hears of the legend and decides to ask some questions in "The Ballad of Molly Turgiss". Those inquiries aren't exactly well received from locals, including from Turgiss herself!

Here is what "you know who" might do when she visits Hooterville, whether she can be seen or not! 

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1. She will force others to reject you


She isn't called "you know who" in Hooterville for nothing, and you'll see why in this list! Turgiss is such a touchy subject in Hooterville, that signs are posted in Sam Drucker's shop. It is literally a written rule in the town that nobody speak of her, as the consequences can be costly! Read on to see why Drucker has to have this sign in his shop.

2. She breaks things


It's Molly's go-to when she hears her name slip out of anyone's mouth in Hooterville! Turgiss clearly doesn't like the people of Hooterville, thus anytime someone utters her infamous name, something gets broken. From barrels of pickles to lamps and anything in between, nothing is safe when Molly is in town.

3. She'll likely steal a car


Now Oliver has really done it. His questions about Turgiss have cost Mr. Haney his truck! Now he has to walk all the way to Pixley! Apparently Molly likes to steal the car and park it right in front of a fire hydrant. If there's any good news about this grand theft auto, it's that Oliver seems to have the slightest belief that something supernatural is going on in Hooterville.

4. She'll eventually show up


Should Molly's name continue to be used over and over again, there's a solid chance she'll make her actual presence felt with an appearance or two! It's safe to say this one got to Oliver, as he lets out a solid scream and immediately calls for Lisa! Oliver just won't take the hint! Luckily, Lisa gives Molly some much needed TLC later in the episode.

5. She hits people


If breaking, stealing and spooking doesn't get people to stop saying her name, Turgiss turns it up a notch with a slap or bump! Anybody from Hooterville that's in denial of Molly's scary abilities over and over again will eventually get hit. Whether it's a slap that knocks off a hat or a bump to the backside, any Hooterville resident better learn to keep her name out of any conversation! Just ask Oliver, who continued to use her name in conversation and in song. Based on this altercation, you'd think he would simply stop saying her name. In his defense, there was a truce in place! But can anybody really trust "you know who?" 

SEE MORE: How well do you remember the spooky Green Acres episode ''The Ballad of Molly Turgiss''?


Now that you have an idea of what Molly is like, see how well you recall the episode of Green Acres she appears in! 


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bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
New Feature !
Can Any Happy Days Fan guess which
Happy Days actor was born on
November 16 1942?
This Guessing Game is OPEN to
All METV Viewers.
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
The Twilight Zone Theme with
Introduction by Rod SERLING.
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
The Munsters Theme Song.
CBS 1964-1966.
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
The Addams Family Theme Song.
The Addams Family
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
ABC 1966-1971.
During season One of Dark Shadows was Alexandra Moltke saying My Name Is Victoria Winters.
Characters With The Name
DAPHNE on TV Shows :
The Andy Griffith Show
Daphne :Jean Carson
Dark Shadows
Daphne :Kate Jackson
Happy Days
Daphne :Hillary Horan
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
Something WEIRD happened in
Hooterville at the end of Season
5 .Farmer Roy Trendall (Robert
Foulk ) drives his car to PIXLEY
And on the RETURN TRIP Roy
Trendall changed into Mr. Wheeler
Darlene Wheelers father
Load previous comments
On Happy Days BAG (Neil J Schwartz) went out The EXIT
DOOR after playing the DRUMS
In Richie's band at the Congo
Club and One Hour Later
Sticks (John Anthony Bailey )
As the new drummer in Richies
Happy Days Band
Nick Cuccinelli played by Tommy
Mayor Pike boarded a Greyhound
Bus because he was moving to
Raleigh NC and on another
Greyhound bus there was
Roy Stoner who was arriving in
Mayberry on the Greyhound bus
to be the NEW MAYOR of Mayberry replacing Mayor Pike.
The reason that ED SAWYER and
Forwarding Address is because
Ed Sawyer and Lucy Mathews
Bus Tickles ONLY and the BUS 🚌 was traveling to GHOST VALLEY and the bus was being
driven by Rod SERLING.
Ghost Valley is 10 miles away from THE SITCOM ZONE!!
DZee 21 months ago
My favorite Mr. Haney jokes from Molly Turgiss episode:

bagandwallyfan52 DZee 21 months ago
Watching the episode where
Molly Turgis drives Mr Haney's
truck away was very funny .
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
Alexa Hamilton played Nancy Haley
a ghost that FONZIE Henry Winkler
Meets in one of his Nightmares in
the season 11 episode of Happy Days called The Spirit Is Willing
Mary Betten plays the "Witch " who
AL Delvechio (Al Molinaro) believes
Put a "Curse " on him in The Evil
Eye episode of Happy Days.
In another of Fonzie's nightmares FONZIE meets
Dr Ludlow (Dick Gautier)a
mad scientist who wants to steal Fonzie's COOL at Castle
Ludlow in the Happy Days Episode called Welcome To My
Nightmare and in this Nightmare
Jenny Piccolo Cathy Silvers and Eugene Belvin Denis Mandel
Are Actually DATING!!
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
Hank Kimball (Alvy Moore ) talks about Molly Turgis the Hooterville Ghost.
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
Lisa Douglas talks to the ghost
Molly Turgis.
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
The Ballad of Molly Turgis episode of Green Acres.
Oliver Douglas sings a song he
wrote about the ghost Molly Turgis.
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
Quentin's Theme from Dark
Shadows .
Quentin's Theme -A Very Haunting And Beautiful
Instrumental Song!!
Alexandra Moltke played governess Victoria Winters on
Dark Shadows and Kate Jackson
Played Daphne on Dark Shadows
And Alexandra Moltke and Kate
Jackson are two very talented and beautiful actresses.
Two other actresses played
Victoria Winters later -Betsy
Durkin and Carolyn Groves.
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
Quentin's Theme song from
Dark Shadows: Shadows Of
The Night
David Selby was the right choice and perfect choice to play
Quentin Collins !
Also Jonathan Frid was the Perfect Choice to play Barnabas
Collins . James Hall and John
Carlin both played Willie Loomis
On Dark Shadows.
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
Does Anyone remember the
song Jingle Bones by The
Witches Three?
I first heard this song over
20 Years Ago .
BAG ZOMBROSKI (Neil J Schwartz) and The 👿
DEMONS from Happy Days!
Happy Halloween Also To:
Chuck Cunningham (Randolph Roberts)
Roger Phillips (Ted McGinley)
Jenny Piccolo (Cathy Silvers)
Moose (Barry Greenberg)
Eugene Belvin (Denis Mandel)
Melvin Belvin (Scott Bernstein)
Daphne Hillary Horan
Spike (Danny Butch)
FONZIE Henry Winkler
Richie Cunningham Ron Howard
Potsie Weber Anson Williams
Ralph Malph Donny Most
Bobby MELNER (Harris Kal)
Leather Suzi QUATRO
I Would like to REMEMBER The
Following Actors and Actresses
Who Have Passed Away on
Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas:
Rest In Peace
Gavan O 'Herlihy (Chuck Cunningham)
Tom Bosley (Howard CUNNINGHAM)
Erin Moran (Joanie "Shortcake"
Al Molinaro (Al Delvechio BIG AL)
Pat Morita (Arnold)
Heather O Rourke (Heather Pfister)
ED PECK (Officer Kirk)
Beatrice Colen (Marsha Simms)
Billie Bird (Mother Kelp)
Frances Bey (Grandma Nussbaum)
John Anthony Bailey (Sticks Downey Jr)
Kathy O 'Dare (Mary Lou Mulligan and also Lois)
Danny Thomas (Sean Cunningham)
Jesse White (Mr Bender)
Gone But Not Forgotten
Jim Nabors (Pvt GOMER Pyle)
Frank Sutton (Sgt Carter)
Buck Young (Sgt Whipple)
Allan Melvin (Sgt Hacker)
Roy Stuart (Cpl Boyle)
Tommy Leonetti (Cpl Nick Cuccinelli)
One Episode Only
Jack Larson Cpl Tommy
Richard Sinatra (McCabe &Boyle)
Karl Swenson (Colonel Harper
Back to the Regular Cast of
Gone But Not Forgotten RIP
Forrest Compton (Col Gray)
Barbara Stuart (Bunny )
Ted Bessell (Frankie Lombardi)
Larry Hovis (Larry)
The Andy Griffith Show
Andy Griffith (Andy Taylor)
Don Knotts (Barney Fife )
Frances Bavier (Bee Taylor)
Hope Summers (Clara Edwards)
Hal Smith (Otis Campbell)
Jim Nabors (GOMER Pyle )
George Lindsey (Goober Pyle)
Jack Dodson (Howard Sprague)
Jack Burns (Warren Ferguson)
Cheerio Meredith (Emma Brand)
Will Wright (Ben Weaver)
Til Avery (Ben Weaver 2)
Jason Johnson (Ben Weaver 3)
Joanna Moore (Peggy McMillan)
Aneta Corseaut (Helen Crump)
Florence McMichael (Hilda Mae)
Parley Baer (Mayor Roy Stoner).
Dick Elliot (Mayor Pike)
Phil Chambers (Jason)
William Lanteu(Ed Sawyer)
Walter Baldwin (Floyd Colby)
Green Acres
Eddie Albert (Oliver Douglas)
Eva Gabor (Lisa Douglas)
Tom Lester (Eb Dawson)
Pat Butram (Mr Haney)
Robert Foulk (Roy Trendall)
Grandpappy Miller:
Walter Baldwin
Newt Kiley(Kay Kuter)
Hank Kimball Alvy Moore
Ralph Monroe (Mary Grace
Gilligan's Island
Bob Denver (Gilligan)
Alan Hale Jr (Skipper Jonas Grumby)
Russell Johnson (Professor
Roy Hinkley)
Jim Backus (Thurston Howell
The Third)
Natalie Schaefer(Lovey Howell)
Petticoat junction
Pat Woodall (Bobbi Jo)
Bea Benederet (Kate Bradley)
Edgar Buchanan (Uncle Joe Carson)
Mike Minor (Steve Elliot)
Selma Plout (Elvis Allman)
Selma Plout (Virginia Sale)
Billie Jo (Meredith MacRae)
Sam Drucker (Frank Cady)
Mel Sharples :Vic Tayback
Vera :Beth Howland
Earl Hicks :Dave Madden)
Carrie Sharples (Martha Raye)
Doug :Doug Robinson
Henry :Marvin Kaplan
Andy :Pat Cranshaw
Tommy :Philip McKean
Movie Actors RIP
Eddie Cantor
Joe Penner
Jim Varney (Ernest P Worrell)
Howard Morris (Ernest T. Bass)
Also Gone But Not Forgotten
Rest In Peace
The Andy Griffith Show
Paul Hartman (Emmett Clark)
The Lone Ranger
Clayton Moore (Lone Ranger)
Jay Silverheels (Tonto)
The Roy Rogers Show
Roy Rogers
Dale Evans
Pat Brady
The Adventures of Superman
George Reeves (Superman)
Robert Shayne (Inspector Bill
Jack Larson Jimmy Olson
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Phillips TEAD Professor Pepperwinkle
Herb Vigran :Sy Horton (Crook)
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Neil Hamilton (Commissioner
Alan Napier (Alfred Pennyworth)
Madge Blake (Aunt Harriet)
Leave It To Beaver
Gone But Not Forgotten RIP
Tony Dow (Wally )
Hugh Beaumont (Ward)
Barbara Billingsley (June)
Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell)
Frank Bank (Lumpy Rutherford)
Cheryl Holdridge (Julie Foster)
Stanley Fafara (Whitey Whitney)
Richard Deacon (Fred Rutherford)
Madge Kennedy (Aunt Martha)
Sue Randall (Alice Landers)
Karen Sue Trent (Penny Woods)
Burt Mustin (Gus )
Moverfan bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting. Have you tried Spotify or YouTube Music?
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
I have a question about Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeanne.
What is the DIFFERENCE in the powers of Genies and Witches?
It seems like Samantha on Bewitched
And Jeanne on I Dream Of Jeanne
In terms of Hollywood, a lot of liberties were taken. But a Genie served a master and lived hundreds of years ago, and I believe had to do with Arabian legends or folklore.

Witches are generic and conjure up spells and black magic and certainly do not answer to anyone. Samantha was a benevolent witch, whereas her mother (I believe) had ill-intentions.

Powers are powers, i.e., magical versus reality, and serve Hollywood well for handling all different kinds of plots. It's all about who likes which characters more than others; in the eye of the beholder!

Watch I Dream of Jeannie more closely and you'll see how devoted
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