Wax Figures Figure in the Murderous Mayhem of the "Mystery of the Wax Museum"-Tonight!

First, I got a few e-mails pointing out the odd fact that, in our show last night, "Ghost Breakers", at the start of the movie, the power is out- yet, when stoolie Raspy Kelly comes to Bob Hope's apartment- he still manages to use the buzzer and speaker system to call up to the apartment, not to mention using the door buzzer when he comes upstairs-all without the benefit of electrical power?Maybe ghost breakers meant supernatural fuseboxes, and that's why it worked... In spite of the movie having comedic elements, most viewers enjoyed it- especially the fact that it wasn't a "Scooby Doo" type story where the ghosts and zombies weren't real, and the fact that there really were lots of ...

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