There Could Nevermore Be Terror Like Lugosi and Karloff in “The Raven”- Tonight!

The truncated, annotated, late-dated (as in “not during July 4th”) Taste of Chicago is underway. It does NOT seem to be getting embraced by the populace the way it used to be. Maybe part of that has to do with it being marked a “NTL” Zone- meaning- NO TURKEY LEGS!!! As I mentioned before, that staple of the Taste is not a part of it this year. There are fewer booths, there is a charge for a seat at the big musical shows (though you can listen for free from the grassy knoll next to the venue), and – of course, no 4th of July, no fireworks, and – is anybody broadcasting from there? Years ago, lots of radio and TV stations would broadcast live from the taste- take it from a guy who did pl...

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