Wax Figures Figure in the Murderous Mayhem of the "Mystery of the Wax Museum"-Tonight!

Tonight on our Me-TV network- after all the sequels have aired-we finally bring back the original Boris Karloff classic that added another cornerstone to the Universal monster roster-“The Mummy”! You’ll see the story as it was told originally in this 1932 film- an archeological dig for the tomb of Egyptian princess Anksenahmen unearths a different mummy-a high priest, amazingly preserved, with some of the usual burial blessings curiously missing, along with a forbidden scroll. When an over-anxious young archeologist translates and reads the scroll, the high priest- Im Ho Tep (not Kharis-thanks for the correction!)- is revived! He shambles away, as the poor guy collapses in hysteric...

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