You can now buy the Trekkie in your life a Tribble fur coat

A new Star Trek clothing collection oozes 1966 style.

There has been no shortage of Star Trek marketing in the golden anniversary of the sci-fi staple. We have seen Christmas ornaments, Spock docs, Enterprise set tours, cruises, conventions and so much more in celebration of the half-century mark.

Now, Her Universe, a "fangirl fashion company," has launched a killer new collection of Star Trek–inspired women's clothing to help you celebrate the 50th birthday in style. Better yet, the mod designs evoke the fashions of the Swinging Sixties, making the looks true embodiments of 1966.

We're burying the lede her. One item on offer is the Star Trek Tribble Faux Fur Coat ($89.99) for those who want to keep warm under a pelt of the purring vermin. That's it up top on the left.

The entire collection is available at Think Geek, and included everthing from Vintage Style Broches to a Voluminous Tiered Petticoat. (Like we said, it's quite '66.)

A year ago, began offering an official Trek clothing line, yet those items skewed more modern. We think these will tickle fans who dig the bright colors, clean lines and go-go cool of The Original Series.

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