Watch: Web series underscores what a terrible person Zack Morris is on 'Saved by the Bell'

'Zack Morris Is Trash' rejects the charming aspects of the chronic '90s troublemaker.

When Saved by the Bell premiered in 1989, it was known as Good Morning, Miss Bliss. Even though Miss Bliss (Hayley Mills) was billed as the title character, executive producer Peter Engel always knew it would be Zack Morris who'd get the spotlight. By design, Zack Morris was supposed to be a chronic troublemaker, the kid who always schemes and never learns. Viewers embraced the crafty teen in spite of this bad behavior, with the popular series spawning two spin-offs and two TV movies.

It's this facet of Zack's character that the website Funny or Die has honed in on for a new comedic web series called Zack Morris Is Trash, picking out 10 different episodes, pointing out the obvious flaw and poking fun at Saved by the Bell for its lack of moral closure.

Each episode of Zack Morris Is Trash is structured to show clips from a single episode of Saved by the Bell that supports their conclusion that Zack Morris is just not a good person. As their evidence builds, fans get to relive the episode, snickering at funny commentary that's baffled by the early '90s high school bad boy. That includes everything from ignoring his best friend Jessie's addiction to caffeine pills in perhaps the show's most memorable episode, to gambling away Screech's dog in the episode below.

The whole web series is meant to be all in good fun, and you can find all 10 episodes posted here, with each video running roughly 3.5 minutes each. It's quick to gobble up if you've got time to kill (and perhaps a longtime grudge against that wily ne'er-do-well Zack Morris to indulge).

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Vinny 50 months ago
This show was dumb back then and it is even worse now. I think the show was written by a bunch of 1st graders. The worst decision for programming METV has ever made. Next to Buck Roger's In The 25th Century. And then they show it like 6 times in a row. It's Horrifying.
DocForbin 65 months ago
And yet it was Elizabeth Berkley who became the bad girl when she appeared in that clunker "Showgirls". Go figure. :-P
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