Watch: This man built an electric organ out of Furbies and the result is oddly mesmerizing

Who knew a chorus of Furbies could sound so soothing?

The talking toy that sparked a '90s craze, the Furby has been largely tossed aside by pop culture. But one determined man found a way to repurpose the robotic critters that's shockingly music to our ears.

UK musician and inventor Sam Battle, who goes by the signature Look Mum No Computer, took time off from his typical synth innovations to configure an entire organ made out of Furbies, and the result is oddly mesmerizing. He explains his idea and invention in the video below, but skip to 2:43 to hear him conduct an entire chorus of Furbys through the keys and knobs on his elaborate organ setup. (It really takes that common Furby request "Sing me to sleep" to the next level.)

Look Mum No Computer uploaded his invention to the delight of nostalgia fans everywhere just a few days ago, and since then his Furby song video has already amassed more than half a million views. So next time you're eyeing the outdated toys stashed away in your closet, basement or attic, it may be worth your time to follow Battle's lead and find a way to help these toys resonate just as much today. 

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