Watch: Diamonds are not a girl's best friend on this Valentine's Day episode of 'That Girl'

A surprise romantic gesture leaves Ann Marie unable to relax.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, couples have officially entered crunch time to find that perfect gift that captures the sentiment of their unique relationships. But whatever you've got cooked up, whether you go with a bunch of roses, a fancy dinner or a Love Boat-like cruise, it's likely that your plan will go better than the Valentine's Day we saw on That Girl in 1969.

It seems nothing can go right for Ann Marie, as she spends an entire morning willing her souffle to set right before her date Donald arrives. Once he gets there, though, he could care less about hors d'oeuvres, as he's eager to get to his main course for the evening: the special gift of diamond earrings he bought for Ann.

Shockingly, it all goes downhill from there, as Ann spends the whole episode fretting over losing the earrings, and Donald must do everything within his power to keep the mood romantic. Their night includes it all: fine dining, fancy champagne and dancing, but it turns out it's hard to enjoy all that when you simply cannot relax. What ensues is hilarious physical comedy and one of the most endearing Valentine's Day dates you could ever hope for.

Watch the full episode below.

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