Svengoolie fans share their unboxing of the new Svengoolie at Home goodies

Share your unboxing on social media with #Svengoolie!

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Let the unboxing begin! As fans begin to receive their Svengoolie At Home Boxes, many have taken to social media to share photos of their new collectible items.

Join in on the fun and share your photos or videos of you, your friends, or your family enjoying the Svengoolie At Home Box with the hashtag #Svengoolie. 

The Svengoolie At Home Boxes are still available, but only for a limited time with only 2,000 boxes available. Get yours in the MeTV Store while supplies last! Now shipping.

Watch Svengoolie on MeTV!

Saturdays at 8 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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harlow1313 15 months ago
I love Svengoolie and am thankful that such a show exists. It is great fun. (Growing up in the Philadelphia area, we had locals "Dr. Shock," and "The Ghoul." It was such oddly inspired madness. Later, when I attended Slippery Rock State College, we had Chilly Billy in the Pittsburgh area.)

This Svengoolie collection of odds and ends, at $49.95, seems a bit uninspired and badly overpriced.
JHP 15 months ago
Svengoolie is a true treasure on TV - dont care much for the color horror flicks but the B/W ones are golden

my 2nd fav show is................................

MST3K - all reruns but so so funny and good.

NOW there's Monty Python also but thats in a different world
stephaniestavr5 15 months ago
Okay, so I don't get whipped by one of Sven's rubber chickens for not having participated in the topic of the article: here's a couple of comments about the Sven Sarcophagus: Like Jimmyvici said, {see below,} I agree with him, it is "Overpriced junk." The crack me up egg: to quote a certain, well known commercial catchphrase: "Nothing else is Silly Putty!" The only items that can be considered Sven Originals, are the Berwyn jigsaw puzzle, and whatever that is standing next to it on its left. The brain trust, {to quote Moe of the 3 Stooges: "What a brain!"} maybe they could have thought up a way to make the "Rubiks {or is it called Svenbik's?!?!} Cube resemble Svens coffin, or even the hand, [which most I think know he stole that idea from Soupy Sales.] which appears at the end of the show. Okay, that's my {for what it's worth, 2 cents on Sven's Sarcophagus.
stephaniestavr5 15 months ago
This has nothing to do with the contents of the box, but of Rich Koz himself. Seeing as both ME/Antenna TV are hq'd in the City Of Wind, I thought this would be the best, {only page that made sense,} to mention this: Baseball season begins SUNDAY! That's right I said Sunday That's a capital "S" that rhymes with "Yes" {nod and a wink to Hawk Harrelson. Ex WS tv announcer.} that stands for "PLAY BALL!" I don't want folks to correct me and say no, it starts a week from today. {Which it does.} Technically, it starts Sunday. [Check your listings for the time of the game in your area.] Weather permitting. When another Cross Town Classic takes place at the Friendly Confines. {aka Wrigley Field,} between the Cubs and Rich's favorite team the White Sox. The game starts at 5pm Pacific on ESPN. But before that, ESPN will be airing a 2hr doc. on Steve Bartman. {All/most of you Cubs fans out there will know who he is.} So: "Hey Hey!" {To quote the best announcer in baseball Hall of Famer Jack Brickhouse,} "Holy Cow" {Harry Carey. he was also the White Sox announcer.} & "You can put it on the board yes!" {H. Harrelson.} Let's not forget, during the 7th inning stretch, to stand up and sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game."
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