The MeTV Store presents: The Svengoolie at Home Box

This fun kit comes with a puzzle cube, activity book, stress bat and so much more!

The newest Svengoolie collectible has arrived: the Svengoolie at Home Box. There are only 2,000 of these boxes available, featuring games, a puzzle cube, an activity book, a stress bat and so much more! Take a look at the items below in our virtual "unboxing."

Get yours in the MeTV Store while supplies last!

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Saturdays at 8 PM

*available in most MeTV markets

1. "It Came From Berwyn" Jigsaw Puzzle


Piece together the "It Came From Berwyn" jigsaw puzzle to reveal this very epic scene.

2. The Svengoolie Activity Book


Hours of spooky fun all in one book! It’s got coloring pages, jokes, trivia, "Svendoku," and so much more!

3. The Svengoolie Puzzle Cube


This cube's got Sven looking puzzled. Put your brain to the test and see if you can maneuver him back into place!

4. The "Crack Me Up" Fun Putty Egg


Crack open this egg and crack yourself up with some funny putty!

5. The Svengoolie At Home Playing Cards


In this deck of cards, Svengoolie is King and as usual; Kerwyn's a Joker.

6. The Svengoolie Magic Sketch Keychain


Create a mini-masterpiece and share your artwork with Svengoolie and friends at!

7. The Svengoolie Spring Toy


Unwind with the Svengoolie Spring Toy!

8. The Svengoolie Bat Stress Reliever


Unload some stress on this squishy stress reliever before you go "batty!"

9. Svengoolie Microwave Popcorn


The perfect snack to enjoy while laughing at Svengoolie's "corny" jokes on a Saturday night!

10. Get Yours While Supplies Last


Only 2,000 boxes available!

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svenlogin 49 months ago
Saturday night is my favorite night to watch Thanks to Svengoolie , and Berwyn is ok too !
froyla 49 months ago
Do you have Al’s Hammer? He needs it back.
froyla 49 months ago
I’m one of George Bush’s sons. HW Bush. Senator Prescott Bush was my grandfather.
stephaniestavropoulos 49 months ago
"In The News" this Trivia Tidbit: Rich Koz's net worth is between $1-$5 million dollars. By purchasing this kit, just know your hard earned $$ will be going towards a good cause: to further line Sven's coffin. Congratulations to any/all who have/will be purchasing this kit. Sven is serving a purpose: he is providing humor to help us get through the time that we are suffering through. Which is great. I used to watch and like him. I still do like him, just don't turn onto METV at 8 p.m. on Sat.
The kit is clever. I would like to see a Svengooleeized version of Operation. Body parts ideas: Kerwin, rubber chicken Sven's coffin and a teeny tiny map of Berwyn. Svengoolie Lego kit of Sven's pad [the one you see on the show.] Replica of his coffin to store your Sven goodies!
I'm hoping some of the proceeds he's making on these kits, will go to charity.
Moriyah 49 months ago
I wish they could to this with Gomer Pyle! But I love Svengoolie too.
froyla 49 months ago
Hey Sven.........I’m that long haired cartoonist from coffeechicago.....
Now federally protected in SF. and I were in the same year of school.....
Belushi and Ackroyd used to attack me everywhere and I think you said
They used to bug you too.........have three degrees being kept in apartment
Block from city hall. These guys are a real gas. (Nobody beats The Zoo.).
Love your show esp. rubber chicken throwers and my childhood friend Karlov.
MrsPhilHarris froyla 49 months ago
Sven went to Carleton University in TO?
I don't know which Rich Koz you are referring to, but I just checked two of his {Rich Svengoolie's Koz's} bios. Both of them said that he attended and graduated from Northwestern University, which is located in Evanston, IL. Really close to Chicago. {These cities can be found in the northeast corner of the state.}
What/where is Carleton TO?
Toronto. Froyla's comment above. Not sure what it's saying.
Yes. Northwestern. Chicago. Belushi. Ackroyd. Deep Throat from Watergate was assigned to watch us.
Second City is in Chicago. People from Toronto have dog food for brains. Laughed with Koz at coffeechicago
When that radio stud crashed his private plane into the Evanston hospital. I put twelve flan members in
Prison for life for kidnapping me for ransom. Brother Bill Clinton pardoned Them all. I was daring
Twiggy when belushi was snaking my wife. Ackroyd cool. You not. We will follo
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