Only a child of the '70s can fully grasp the awesomeness of these 'Dynamite' magazine covers

Mimes, magicians, monsters, TV stars and baseball players all appeared on the cover of this beloved mag.

There were certain, special days that stood out in elementary school. Field Day. Pizza Day. The day the Scholastic book catalog arrived.

Sure, it seems a bit weird in hindsight to market commercial catalogs to a classroom of 11-year-olds, but it was for literacy. We could load up on great reads. Yet Scholastic Inc.'s big draw was Dynamite magazine. Launched in 1974, the children's publication was like a cross of People and Highlights. Hawkeye and Radar from M*A*S*H appeared on the cover of the first issue, and most of our MeTV stars of the 1970s landed on the cover throughout the rest of the decade.

The 1970s were a wonderful and strange time in pop culture, when mimes and magicians became bankable celebrities. Younger generations might not have a clue who any of these people are, but rest assured, they were worthy of being pin-ups.

Here are some of our favorite covers from the early years of Dynamite.

What kid wouldn't want Gavin MacLeod hanging up in her locker?

Alas, this crossover only happened on this October 1976 cover.

Who would win this arm wrestling match? Argue amongst yourselves.

Where's the Bear? No love for the chimpanzee? Evigan would go on to star in My Two Dads (and sing the theme).

Oh, Captain, my Captain!

Dreamboats for everyone.

Did anyone else think that Tony's sidekicks Telma and Joyce were named "Dawn"?

Nearly a decade after the movie was a hit, Born Free hit the small screen.

"The Bird" was a rookie sensation for the Tigers, even landing on the cover of Rolling Stone. Injuries cut his career short, sadly.


We had wars in the stars before Star Wars.

Mimes can be cool.

Was Frank or Joe your favorite?

This was a honest debate that people held.

No, that is not Owen Wilson. David McCallum starred in the 1975 TV series that only lasted one season.

The Amazing Randi even toured with Alice Cooper.

"Dyn-o-mite!" Jimmy Walker was a regular, of course, for more than Good Times. Here is is promoting Let's Do It Again.

Dynamite magazine ceased publication in 1992. Julia Roberts and Arnold Schwarzenegger graced the final cover.

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