These 10 fantastic 1960s Popular Mechanics covers still give us hope for a better future

Monorails, jet packs and hydrofoils! Technology had big dreams in the 1960s.

Ah, the space age. Everything was exciting and new. Television screens were suddenly bursting in bright colors. Man was going to the moon. The Beatles were turning pop music on its head. 

It's no wonder the covers of Popular Mechanics magazine looked like works of science-fiction. We may not yet have jet packs or urban monorails, but looking at the gorgeous paintings, we're not about to give up hope just yet.

Let's take a look at the future of the past.

1. Not as sleek as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, but we want inside.

2. Zooooom! We're most impressed with that stay-on hat technology.

3. Your Monday morning commute would be a joyous Disney ride in one of these babies.

4. Ta! Just off to the office in my go-kart!

5. Two-sided TV! The dog is not impressed.

6. Not futuristic, but action packed.

7. Where we're going, we won't need helmets.

8. Every kid's fantasy. An ejector seat that turns into a jet pack.

9. That thing looks like a Transformer.

10. Where are our ion-fueled heli-whatevers?

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VaughnBaskin 38 months ago
I Sense those Popular Mechanics magazines are a teaser for Jonny Quest joining MeTV this summer?
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