Can you match these episodes with ''Love'' in the title to the correct sitcoms?

Comedy loves a good love story.

Love is in the air. No, wait. Love is on the air. In sitcoms, in particular.

Romance is a key ingredient in any sitcom plot. First loves, marriages, families, crushes — it's all great fodder for comedy.

See if you can match the following "Love" titles to the correct sitcoms!

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  1. "Opie Loves Helen"
  2. "They Call It Potsie Love"
  3. "Barbarino in Love"
  4. "Love Me, Love My Skipper"
  5. "Peggy Loves Al, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"
  6. "To the Gestapo with Love"
  7. "Love Finds Jane Hathaway"
  8. "Henry in Love"
  9. "Ro$e Love$ Mile$"
  10. "Nina Loves Alex"
  11. "Love and the Older Man" (He was a dentist, if that helps.)
  12. "Once in Love with Elyse"
  13. "Black is the Color of My True Love's Wig"
  14. "Love Letters on the Rocks"
  15. "Brotherly Love"

Can you match these episodes with ''Love'' in the title to the correct sitcoms?

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rosemary 1 month ago
U cheated me...Answers popped up I did not touch
JC 1 month ago
You got 12 out of 15
You brain is as big as your heart! Nice work!
booster 1 month ago
11/15 Missed 10-11-12-13. A couple were tricky. # 10 there was an Alex Reiger in Taxi, and an Alex Keaton in Family Ties. #11, the clue was he was a dentist. Peter Bonarz played a dentist in the Bob Newhart Show. #12 and #13, I had no idea.
Moverfan 1 month ago
Missed two. I remember the AITF episode with the wig (although not until after I finished the quiz and read the comments) and I'd like to point out that both Taxi and Family Ties had characters named Alex. Of course, on Family Ties, Alex was a self-centered stuck-up loser--he was also the reason I quit watching the show.
msglenn 1 month ago
12 of 15. missed 4, 11 and 12.
STTOS 1 month ago
You got 15 out of 15 - You brain is as big as your heart! Nice work! Most were easy since there was a character's name in the title. Had to think about #13 then remembered the episode where Gloria wore a dark wig and Mike (meathead) liked it so much he wanted Gloria to wear it while they were making whoopee. Educated guess on #14 since the word "rocks" was in the clue I assumed it was The Flintstones.
MaryAnn STTOS 1 month ago
Ah, yes...I remember thinking that All in the Family episode was rather risqué. How far we have come.
VaughnBaskin 1 month ago
I've got a ever lovin' 15 out of 15
MikefromJersey 1 month ago
15 for 15. I guessed on the Brady Bunch answer, though.
Katzi 1 month ago
I got 14/15. I missed the show I watch the most "Love & The Older Man." which I'm shocked that I did since I've seen it so many times!)
sandman 1 month ago
12/15 I think The J. Girls Band said it best LOVE STINKS
EastIndy24 1 month ago
Terrible... only 11 out of 15 right
QazWiz 1 month ago
most had a character in title, which only has one choice with that name, of the three that didn't name a character, only one choice seemed possible... (however, i did miss All in the Family, thinking Friends would have a wig.)
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